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Acalicia Sisters

Meet Naria & Yunaea (Nar-E-ah & You-nee-ah).

They are Acalica siblings - they are 4 years apart.

The acalica are Bolivian underground fae. When in their natural habitat, they have special influence over certain types of weather. The males are more popular with the native people so the females often find their place within the magickal community.

In the human fold they use their skills to promote change.

Positive change

Smooth transitions

Removal of obstacles relating to change

Taking control of one’s life

Reducing chaos

Reducing stress

Promoting clear thinking

Promoting creating goals & meeting them

Promoting creativity


Will power


Opening opportunity

Recognizing opportunity

Recognition from peers

And much much more.

These little gals are lively and so much fun. They make great confidantes and are awesome aids when it comes to decision making. Its kind of funny because the Acalicia like being keepers of secrets - whether its something small like a gift for someone you love or something even bigger, they really love knowing something no one else knows. They don’t tell anyone else so I don’t know why its such a big deal to them but it sure is fun.

They also like guessing games of all kinds.

Their favorite offering is anything natural that comes from the earth - gemstones, leaves, rain water, etc.

Their vessel is a small sterling silver topaz pendant.



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