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Flowers In Magick

The following are some suggestions for incorporating flowers in your
own magick as well as some quick, simple spells.

Rose: Used in Love spells for centuries, the color of the rose often notes
the precise meaning of the offering. For example, red is for passion
or romantic love, yellow is for friendship, white for chaste love, and pink
for budding romance or to say you like someone a lot.

*To draw his or her attention your way, strew rose petals over an area where a targeted lover
will walk. 

 Lilac: Lilacs can be added to oil blends that help you see your past lives.

*Anoint your temples and the area known as the third eye, just above and
between your eyebrows, to get the best effect. Place them around your home
to ward off evil spirits.

Primrose: Cultivate to attract spring fairies, and carry them to attract a
highly- charged sexual love.

Cowslip: This is another favorite of spring fairies: they will gladly come
to live in a garden in which cowslip is growing. Use it in spells for
seeking wealth and health.

* Place near the front door when you wish to be
left alone.

Violet: This early spring flower has many magickal uses. Add it to spells
for protection, love, healing, and sleep.

*Place it under your pillow to
attract a new lover to your bed.

Apple Blossom: Use in love spells and rituals to celebrate life cycles. In
Celtic mythology the apple is the symbol of the Otherworld and of the
goddess who has control of the rebirthing process. Also, it is used to carry
the Witches' hidden symbol.

Orange Blossom: Add to spells whose goal is not just love, but marriage.
This doesn't have to be traditional mainstream marriage, but marriage as you
see it is best for you and your partner.

*Carry at your own wedding to help
make yours a sexy and sacred marriage in the image of the deities.

Daisy: Allow daisies to be a central feature of spells to attract love and

*Don't forget the old folk custom of picking off the blooms of each
daisy head while saying, "She o he loves me so" to divine whether someone
you love loves you back.

Hawthorn: This is the ultimate fairy plant, and in Ireland many people will
not disturb a hawthorn bush in any way, knowing it is the home of fairies
who can help or hinder.

*Tie wishing ribbons to hawthorn bushes so that
friendly fairies can assist you in making them come true. Be sure to leave
an offering or libation for them too.

Columbine: Add to spells for love. Wear them when you need to fortify your
courage or willpower.

Crocus: Add in spells to attract love and use to adorn Ostara altars.

Jasmine: Use jasmine in spells for love, psychic dreams, and to help find
needed cash.

Daffodil: Use daffodils to honor the God and Goddess of Spring, to enhance
both their fertility and your own. Use them in wishing charms and love

Flowering trees also have their place among the symbols of Ostara and

The pink blossoms of the dogwood tree have been symbolic of the resurrection
just like the lily.

Apple blossoms speak of love and new life.

Hawthorn blossoms begin to bud in England and Ireland around Ostara, and at
Beltane they are collected as magickal and sexual talismans.

In the Celtic tree calendar it is the alder tree – which is connected with
psychic and regenerative powers - that rules over the month of Ostara.