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Spirit & Entity Correspondences

Please bear in mind that this list is merely a guideline and that each and every spirit and entity is an individual. Not all members of a specific breed will like the same things.  

This article is simply an aid in helping you choose what kinds of offerings and/or rewards your companions will like. 

Stones do not have to be perfect! Unpolished and rough cut stones work just as well as pretty faceted stones. Even though your companions may enjoy the energies of specific stones, do bear in mind that if you feel your companion is lacking or low on energy in a specific category, please use our metaphysical gemstone page to see which gemstones provide those kinds of energies and feel free to store your entity or spirit with those particular stones in order to aid them in growth in specific areas.


Stones: moonstones, sun stones, pastel agates, diamonds, citrines, peridots, sapphires, amethysts, and mother of pearl

Colors: white, pastels

Scents: Any scent associated with the element of air

Other offerings/gifts: Pegasus or horse statuary, pictures, images, etc. fig leaves, alfalfa buds & flowers


Stones: citrines, peridots, amethysts, jade, morganite, opal, any stone with healing properties.

Colors: white, pastels

Scents: Any scent associated with the element of earth

Other offerings/gifts: honey, pastel rose petals, berries, unicorn or horse statuary, pictures, images, etc, fig leaves, alfalfa buds & flowers.


Stones: Any

Colors: Any

Scents: Earth Fairies = scents associated with earth, Water Fairies = scents associated with water, Air Fairies = scents associated with air, Fire Fairies = cinnamon, dragons blood

Other offerings/gifts: mirrors, rhinestones, beads, ribbon, tiny soap samples, honey, sweet & condensed milk, gummy bears, cake, cinnamon sticks, sugar cubes, chocolates, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, cherry chips, fruits, fairy statuary, images, pictures, etc. music of all kinds

Water Spirits (mermaids, mermen, water sprites, etc)

Stones: aquamarine, sapphires, blue topaz, blue agates, pearls, mother of pearl, abalone

Colors: Blues, Greens, Yellows, Whites

Scents: anything associated with the element of water - seashells, beach sand, scented water, beach glass.

Other offerings/gifts: sea glass, sea shells, mirrors, coral, ribbons, flower petals, beads, glow beads, glow stars, kelp powder, beach sand, fountains, scented water, aquariums, classical music


Stones: onyx, slate, concrete, river rocks, agates, jade, carnelian, coral, ruby, hematite, stalagmite, meteorites, lapis

Colors: dark blue, black, dark purple, dark maroon, red, gray, hunter green

Scents: musk, earthy scents, white sage

Other offerings/gifts: statuary, silver coins, gemstone skulls


Stones: carnelian, ruby, orange sapphires, fire opals, ruby, garnet

Colors: red, orange, bright yellow

Scents: cinnamon, musk, any scents associated with air or earth

Other offerings/gifts: twigs, fig leaves, cinnamon sticks, tobacco, feathers


Stones: agates, onyx, rubies, sapphires, fire opals, carnelian, turquoise, emerald

Colors: orange, yellow, red, green, black, blue

Scents: musk, patchouli, sandalwood, sage, frankincense, dragons blood

Other offerings/gifts: berries, grapes, river stones, hazel twigs, willow bark, fig leaves, feathers


Stones: rubies, carnelian, onyx, coral, hematite, marcasite, jasper, agate, jade, garnet, moonstone

Colors: red, black, gray, maroon, white, silver

Scents: dragons blood, juniper, musk, sandalwood, anything sweet and alluring, frankincense, myrrh, jasmine

Other offerings/gifts: blood, red glass, red or black rose petals, silver coins, honey, red velvet cake, chocolates, cherries, red wine, sanctuary boxes


Stones: Any

Colors: blue, gold, silver, green, red, copper, gray, black, purple, maroon

Scents: musk, myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, dragons blood, jasmine

Other offerings/gifts: silver coins, brass coins, brass statuary of all kinds, river stones, muslin, cotton, silver, gold, rhinestones, gemstone skulls, crystals, marbles


Stones: Any

Colors: red, blue, green, purple, maroon

Scents: patchouli, dragons blood, sandalwood, juniper, jasmine, tobacco

Other offerings/gifts: buttermilk, sugar cubes, chocolates, anything sweet, wine


Stones: amethysts, malachite, sapphires, garnets, rubies, crystal, glass, cubic zirconia, topaz, citrine, pearl

Colors: pastels, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, metallic

Scents: jasmine, florals

Other offerings/gifts: Flower petals, ribbon, feathers, fur, sequins, beads, coins


Stones: emeralds, malachite, agates, glass

Colors: green, yellow, gold, silver, copper

Scents: frankincense, myrrh

Other offerings/gifts: gemstones of any kind, coins, wine, Celtic music, Celtic/Irish symbols


Stones: any

Colors: pastels, white

Scents: light, airy scents

Other offerings/gifts: ribbon, feathers


Stones: any

Colors: any

Scents: hemlock

Other offerings/gifts: Demons are hard to gauge when it comes to gifts and offerings. Most times, they don't want anything at all. When in doubt, offer them dimes. They seem to enjoy hoarding them.

White Dragons

Stones: opals, pearls, moonstones, cz, white sapphire, white topaz, quartz, agates

Colors: white, silver

Scents: vanilla, gardenia, rose, jasmine, dragons blood

Other offerings/gifts: feathers, yarn, river stones, mirrors, nesting boxes, twigs, almonds

Red Dragons

Stones: jasper, ruby, garnet, coral, jade, carnelian, fire opal, orange sapphire, raspberry amethyst, amber, agates

Colors: red, yellow, orange, gold

Scents: sandalwood, dragons blood, fruity scents, sage, amber

Other offerings/gifts: candles, tobacco, red glass, orange slices, grapes, mirrors, twigs, nesting boxes, silk

Gold Dragons

Stones: amber, citrine, gold stone, sunstone, rutilated quartz, lemon quartz, peridot

Colors: yellow, gold, orange, white, maroon

Scents: fruity scents, dragons blood, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, amber, vanilla

Other offerings/gifts: honey, sunflower seeds, sunflower petals, ribbon, nesting boxes, orange slices, silk

Green Dragons

Stones: malachite, agates, druzy, emerald, peridot, opal, jade, adventurine, green amethyst

Colors: green, yellow, white

Scents: pine, musk, floral, sage, dragons blood, moldavite

Other offerings/gifts: coins, being stored with currency, nesting boxes, almonds, pine needles, citronella

Silver Dragons

Stones: howlite, jasper, moonstone, opal, glass, cz, diamonds, white sapphire, white topaz, citrine, quartz

Colors: silver, white, gray, pink

Scents: dragons blood, florals (especially gardenia), moldavite, sage

Other offerings/gifts: coins, almonds, nesting boxes, hazel tree bark, oak leaves, chamomile petals/flowers, honey, sweet and condensed milk, butter

Purple Dragons

Stones: amethyst, jade, mystic topaz, agate, druzy, glass

Colors: purple, pink, blue, maroon, pastels

Scents: lavender, sage, moldavite, frankincense, dragons blood, vanilla

Other offerings/gifts: nesting boxes, grape vines, wine, almonds, mirrors, sequins, sea shells, orchid petals, coffee beans

Copper Dragons

Stones: quartz, smoky topaz, rutilated quartz, diamonds, agates, jasper, tigers eye

Colors: copper, brown, gold

Scents: sandalwood, musk, earthy scents, baby powder

Other offerings/gifts: classical music, pennies, maple leaves, twigs, nuts of all kinds, muslin

Black Dragons

Stones: onyx, jet, hematite, moldavite, meteorites, agate

Colors: black, gray, dark blue, dark purple, silver

Scents: dragons blood, sandalwood, frankincense, musk, Arabian scents, tobacco

Other offerings/gifts: basking in moonbeams, nesting boxes, almonds, chocolate, ravens/crow/blackbird feathers, rabbit fur, skulls, river stones, natural clays, magnets, candles, mirrors

Parnassian Dragons

Stones: amethysts, agates, sapphires, onyx, emeralds, garnets, opals, moonstone, pearls, garnet

Colors: maroon, midnight blue, purples, white

Scents: moldavite, vanilla, jasmine, florals, earthy, dragons blood

Other offerings/gifts: silk, feathers, rhinestones, tiny glass bottles or vials, cinnamon sticks, sea shells, beach sand, carbonated water, mirrors, coins, nesting boxes


Stones: jade, emerald, malachite, citrine, agate, quartz

Colors: green, blue, yellow, maroon, red, gold, silver

Scents: moldavite, frankincense, dragons blood, earthy scents

Other offerings/gifts: coins


**Offerings should be given once a month but can be as often as you like. 

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