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Energetic Attachments

Humans, by our very nature are emotional creatures.

We feel love and nurturing while holding a newborn baby. We feel joy during weddings, angry when mistreated and lust at the sight of nudity. Its natural.

We go through hundreds of feelings on any given day and the possibilities are endless as we are confronted with people, situations and events that are simply beyond our control.

As we experience these feelings, we do one of two things. We either connect with it, or it ricochets from our own energetic selves.

When we connect with these energies, they form what is called an energetic attachment.

It is an invisible link that connects or joins us to others.

Often, these links are formed out of love. Parents and their children, spouses, best friends, siblings, etc - all can create attachments, linking their energies, so that they mesh and respond to each other.

How can you tell if you have an energetic attachment to someone?

Have you ever bought a gift for a sibling only to discover that your parent or another sibling purchased the exact same thing or the same thing in a different color?

Have you ever been able to finish someone elses sentences or said the exact same thing at the same time?

Do you know who is on the line when the phone rings?

Have you ever thought of someone and a few moments later they call or stop by?

These are all instances of the existence of a deep energetic attachment.

These kinds of energetic attachments are wonderful but there are also attachments that are formed through random interactions with depraved individuals and without your conscious knowledge or consent.

These types of unconscious attachments may drain your personal, positive energy, making you feel tired, irritable, and temperamental.

While most are accidental, these energetic attachments can also be placed upon you by an advanced practitioner of magick or by confused individuals who are naturally drawn to your positive energy and attitude without really knowing why.

These last energetic attachments are labeled as "psychic vampires."

These negative attachments can harm both parties involved. You've now been linked with another human being whom you have absolutely no control over.

So, how do you know if you've been energetically attached to someone unwillingly?

You find yourself dealing with issues and concerns that seem out of step with the rest of your life.

You respond to experiences in ways that seem strange or unexpected to your normal character.

You may find that you have surrounded yourself with people who are unhealthy for you in the emotional and spiritual sense.

When someone else is going through an emotional upheaval, you experience one as well without really knowing why you're sad or upset by what this other person is going through.

Now, how do you get rid of these unwanted attachments?

First you have to locate an energetic attachment.

This is best done through meditation.

Take a few moments to ground and center as you normally would when going into a meditative state.

Go in with the intention of locating these unwanted attachments.

Relax, breathe, and go into it as calm and peaceful as you can be.

One into that meditative state, scan your body with your mind, looking for them.

If you are a visual person, you may even gseeh bands or streamers of energy. If you are more kinesthetic, you might feel a tugging or heaviness in the areas of your body that are attached to another.

By accessing your 3rd eye, you might sense a difference or change in your aura or energy fields.

Some people even hear a low humming or snippets of sound or song that manifest within the inner ear or inner eye.

Once youfve located this attachment (s), follow it back to its source. Become aware of the different qualities of that particular energy compared to your normal energies and find from whence it came.

This process can take several settings, a few moments, or can even be instantaneous.

You may see a persons face, their type of work, hear their voice, or something else that clues you in as to who it is.

Once youfve located the unconscious energetic link, its time to get rid of it.

First, request that the energy be returned to its source.

There are several methods for the actual removal and donft be afraid to try more than one.

Creative Visualization

Since youfre already in a meditative state, this technique should be very easy. Simply use your inner eye and cut the connection with an imaginary pair of scissors or knife. See, with your minds eye, the other persons energy flowing back to them and your own energy being absorbed back into your aura.


Using breath is also a great way of removing these unwanted attachments.

Focusing on the unnecessary link, simply take a deep breath and blow the attachment away from you.

This technique is extremely helpful with long-term or stubborn attachments. It creates space between your own energies and the energy of the other person.


If you are musically inclined or resonate with sound and music, you may prefer to break the attachment by shaking it loose from your aura using rattles, tambourines, etc.

Once youfve located the attachment, shake the instrument over the site. The vibration causes the energy to break up and retreat.

Locating and removing unwanted energetic attachments can take some time and determination. But the benefits of the removal are SO worthwhile!!

Once your energy is free from the bonds of others, you will find that new possibilities, new opportunities, and new adventures are a plenty!


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