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Djinn are magical beings. Whereas most mortals were formed by the Creator from earth mixed with other elements, Djinn were formed from smoke and fire. In the distant past, the different tribes of Djinn had a lot of interaction with mortals.

The world of the Djinn is an independent and separate world with its own distinct nature and features that are hidden from the world of humans. Djinn and humans have things in common, such as the ability to understand and choose between good and evil. The ability to bear children and have spouses. They can be royalty or a celebrity just as easily as a common Djinn.

They are known by many names: Djinn, Djinni, Jinnie, Jinn, Genie, Afreets, and Jinniyah just to name a few.

There are six major tribes of earthbound Djinn. They are: Jinn, Jann, Marid, Shaitan, Ifrit, and the Ghul.

Other smaller tribes of earthbound djinn include: Hinn, Nasnas, Palis, Shiqq, Si'lat

In some cultures, djinn are not denoted by tribe, but rather by the color of their skin. Those colors include: Blue, Yellow, Green, Black and Red.

There are also celestial djinn - those which reside within or close to the heavenly realms. Those djinn are also separated by tribes.

Long before our time, the great Jinn sheikh Al Yazid had a vision of a giant scythe splitting a great Djinni in half. In order to survive, Al Yazid told the Djinn tribes that they must all choose to side with mortals, or against them. The elders of both the Jinn and the Jann chose to aid the side of mortals. However, the Shaitan, Ifrit and the Ghul were all corrupted by the demonic powers and chose to fight against moral interests. The elders of the Marid tribe were very proud creatures and allowed each individual to choose for themselves which they would side with.

Since that time, however, the race of Djinn has evolved.

There were members of each tribe that disagreed with the decisions made by the elders. Members of the Shaitan, Ifrit, and Ghul decided that humans were not as bad as they once thought and therefore, formed sub-tribes befriending humans along the way.

There were those in the Jinn, Jann and Marid tribes that also disagreed, left and formed sub-tribes vowing to go against humans whenever possible.

Tribe no longer dictates whether a Djinn is good or evil.

Djinn are creatures of free will, just as you or I. ALL of the Djinn offered here have always been benevolent and have chosen to lead a life of dignity and respect.

However, the one thing that has not changed is the immense power these beings behold.

Having a Djinn companion is very little, if at all, like the movies portray.

The one part of the fairy tale that is true is that these powerful beings were once held prisoner in lamps. Over the many years, this too has changed.

Way back when, the ONLY people allowed to have Djinn in their possession were the rich and powerful. If a commoner was suspected to have a Djinn vessel, a literal army was sent out to kill the beholder and capture the vessel.

After years of brutal murders, conjurers got smart, they began turning everyday pieces of jewelry into vessels for Djinn. It was easier to carry, easier to hide, and easier to deny that a simple stone housed such a powerful entity.

It is possible for an exceptional individual to bind a Djinn to an object or focus. However, this is both extremely difficult and very dangerous. Its extremely difficult to tell if the Djinn is good or evil until after they have already been summoned.

The binding itself is accomplished with a very complex SECRET magical ceremony. The potential for error is huge, and the cost of making a mistake tragic. The few Djinn conjurers left in the world today, have been taught through generational teachings. And very few of these families will teach an outsider the skill because it takes YEARS to master.

Once the Djinn is bound, it may either be active or dormant. An active Djinn will perform acts for the master of the object.

A dormant Djinn simply adds to the enchantment of the object in some substantial way.

Everyone’s experience is different.

Some Djinn will communicate with their human companions through various thought forms…In dreams, visions, strong feelings, intuition, etc. Some people may actually hear whispers or find themselves knowing things without knowing how they know them. As you grow more comfortable with the various communication methods, so will they.

Some people may get to see their Djinn in human form. But this is a rare occurrence and should not automatically be expected. Most likely, you will see them in dreams, as misty manifestations, orbs, streaks of light, or even haze. Remember, they are invisible to humans and will only make themselves known when they are ready…for some, this time is never.

You will however, have tangible evidence that they are present. A Djinn’s presence does not often go unnoticed and one can sense when they are around.

How your wishes come true, depends on the circumstances.

You may feel compelled to purchase a certain lottery ticket from a certain place at a certain time.

You may meet your soul mate in the oddest situation.

You might feel an overwhelming feeling to stop at a casino.

You might find a $100 bill blowing in the wind or lying on the street.

You might yourself being more creative with business ideas.

You may even win a car in a drawing.

You might find that all of a sudden you have a new magical gift (ability to tell the future, read minds, cast more powerful spells etc)

There are so many ways a Djinn can manifest your dreams, making them a reality. But keep in mind, if you think that these things are going to happen with no work on your part, then you are mistaken.

You might have to spend a few of your hard earned dollars before you hit that big jackpot. Don’t expect to win a drawing without signing up.

Having a Djinn is not a novelty. They enjoy companionship and conversation. Although not human, they deserve respect.

Treat them well and you shall reap the rewards.


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