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Simple Spirit Evocations

We often get asked if we have evocations for the spirits that we offer for adoption here on SE.

Although evocations are not necessary, some people find that they help with the focus and openness necessary for creating that bond between entity and human.

Also, If you feel that either you or your entity may be lacking in the bonding or communication departments, evocations provide an invitation or request for aid.

These can be used with bound OR unbound entities BUT PLEASE do make sure that the entity you’re contacting is one that is safe.

Some spirit workers find it best to utilize rhyming mantras as they are easy to remember and flow more easily when spoken.

These are re-workings of old Celtic translations and have been used for centuries.


GENERAL spirits/entities of LIGHT

Entity of enchantment - Friend of the light

Trust in me - Hear my plight

Grant me your attention - On this day

Gift me your wisdom - This I pray

A companion I am, and friends we will be

From now until eternity.



Dragon, Dragon come to me

Of the land, or of the sea.

Grant me all I wish to know

Show me Great One, make it so

Mine eyes to see and ears to hear

All the knowledge you hold so dear

Beloved Guardian of my heart

Bond with me, never to part

Place within me, your trust and might

Come to me dragon, hear my plight



Beloved fae friend of my heart

Loyal Companion from the start

Bless me with your presence divine

Truth is what I seek to find


GENERAL spirits/entities of DARKNESS

Spirit hear me - Heed my call

I summon thee before me

Powerful, All Knowing One

Grant me your loyalty

Your protection

And your presence

Unite your energy with my own

Come before me - I summon thee


The general invocations can be used with djinn, khodam, vampires, gargoyles, phoenix, unicorns, and any other entity or even human spirits

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