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Vessels - Where Do They Come From?


I read one of the most disturbing "ebay guides" the other day.

It was talking about vessels and how sellers that have alternative buying ids are fraudulent sellers!

Although this may very well be the case for some of ebay's metaphysical sellers, I wanted to talk to you all about vessels and what goes into them.

Websites like ebay, etsy, amazon and many others are a godsend for witches, spirit dealers, and spiritual people all over the world.

Before the internet came along, a huge amount of time went into shopping for vessels for our beloved magickals.

And although we have very dedicated buyers for our vessels here at SE, many of them come from various venues on the internet simply because its easier and consumes MUCH less time.

We (SE) deal magickals on a very large scale. 99% of our magickals never make it to our webstore as they are sold long before we ever get that far lol.

And although we do deal in a lot of estate and vintage witchy stuff, we have to have to have a large selection of vessels so that we are able to cater to each of your own unique tastes.

In addition, we have to take into consideration the magick that is going into the vessel. Not every stone is compatible with specific magickal energies. We choose vessels with stones that have properties similar to what we are trying to create out of our magickal so that the natural attributes of the stones enhance and/or add to our own individual magickal energies.

Spirits/entities also have to have a choice in the matter. After all, this is going to be their "home" for a very long time.

So whoever came up with the notion that buying vessels online calls for an internet witch hunt, is childish and obviously, has NO idea what it takes to be a dealer.


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