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Various Invocations

Call of the Dark Mothers

This invocation should be used as a last resort when an injustice has occured. Ive found it works best when you have a heart-felt connection to the victim.

I call on you, the Dark Mothers of the Night!

Hear me and come to my side. You who are Hecate, Crone of Magick; you who are Persephone, raped and despoiled; you who are Kali-Ma, the Mother of Destruction... hear me. Mielikki, Dark Huntress who prowls through the treetops with poisoned arrows, come to me. Cerridwen, Sow-Mother and Reaper of the Dead, I call to thee.

There has been an act of violation that cries out for your attention. (Name of Victim) has been (raped, etc.) by one who escapes justice. Dark Mothers, I ask that you turn Your eyes to this abuser and bring him (her) to justice. Let him (her) not hide from your eyes, let him (her) be exposed for all to see. Let the perpetrator of this atrocity be known to all.

Then I ask, Dark Mother, that You take him (her) into Your realm and show no mercy, as no mercy was shown to the victim. Persephone, you have undergone this pain. I ask that you sweep (Name of Victim) into your arms and help her (him) live through it, give them strength to go on and the inner will to overcome the pain and memories.

Dark Mothers, should you find this case worthy, I ask that You act, according to Your own wills. So Mote It Be!

Invocation of Aradia

Italian Queen of the Witches, daughter of Diana. Aradia is an extremly powerful entity and protectress of witches in general. The following invocation is VERY old, she was said to work her magic with great power and used her powers to help others who were weaker than herself. This is an example of her invocation and would reccomend that you be careful when and IF using the following invocation.

Aradia! my Aradia!
Thou art my daughter unto him who was
Most evil of all spirits, who of old
Once reigned in hell when driven away from heaven,
Who by his sister did thy sire become,
But as thy mother did repent her fault,
And wished to mate thee to a spirit who
Should be benevolent,
And not malevolent!
Aradia, Aradia! I implore
Thee by the love which she did bear for thee!
And by the love which I too feel for thee!
I pray thee grant the grace which I require!
And if this grace be granted, may there be
One of three signs distinctly clear to me:
The hiss of a serpent,
The light of a firefly,
The sound of a frog!
But if you do refuse this favour, then
May you in future know no peace nor joy,
And be obliged to seek me from afar,
Until you come to grant me my desire,
In haste, and then thou may'st return again
Unto thy destiny. Therewith, Amen!

Invocation to the Goddess

O Gentle Goddess, listen to my rune,
Bend to me Thine ear,
Let my incantations and my charms
Be heard. Come unto me,
O Mighty Mother of us all,
To protect me, your child,
O Great Queen of Life,
Together with the aid of
The Lord of the Wildwood,
Thy son and thy lover,
To protect me with power,
O Gentle Goddess
Of purest fairest beauty.
Be with me know

Invocation to the Horned God

By the flame that burneth bright,
O' Horned One! 
We call they name into the night,
O' Ancient One!
Thee we invoke, by the moon-led sea,
By the standing stone and the twisted tree.
Thee we invoke where gather thine own, 
By the nameless shrine forgotten and lone.
Come where the round of the dance is trod, 
Horn and hoof of hte goatfoot god! 
By moonlit meadow, on dusky hill, 
When the haunted wood is bushed and still,
Come to the charm of the chanted prayer, 
As the moon bewitches the midnight air. 
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide
In shining stream and the secret tide.
In fiery flame by starlight pale,
In shadowy host that rides the gale, 
And by the fern-brakes fairy-haunted
Of forests wild and woods enchanted.
Come! Come!
To the heart-beats drum!
Come to us who gather below
When the broad white moon is climbing slow
Through the stars to the heaven's height
We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night! 
As black tree-branches shake and sigh, 
By joy and terror we know thee nigh. 
We speak the spell they power unlocks,
At Solstice, Sabbat and equinox.

Spring Goddess Charge

Hear then the words of Diana the Moon,
the bright Virgin.
Changing but unchanging,
my mystery is unanswerable,
but solve ye that mystery.
My nature is unknowable,
but strive to understand me.
Darkness and light are met within me.
I flee from thee, but lure thee on;
I seek for thee, but hide my face;
I speak to thee, but my words are silent.

The Witches' Rune

Darksome night and shining moon,
East then South then West then North.
Hearken to the Witches' Rune.
Here we come to call thee forth.
Earth and Water, Air and Fire,
Wand and pentacle and sword,
Work ye unto our desire,
and hearken ye unto out word.
Cords and censor, scourge and knife.
Powers of the Withches' blade,
Waken all ye unto life,
And come ye as the charm is made.
Queen of heaven, Queen of hell,
Horne'd hunter of the night,
Lend your power unto our spell,
And work our will by magic rite.
By all the powers of land and sea,
By all the might of moon and sun,
As we do will so mote it be,
Chant the spell and be it done.
Eko, eko Azarak !
Eko. eko Zamilak !
Eko, eko Cernunnos !
Eko, eko Aradia !

Ivocation of the Elements

Air, fire, water, earth, elements of astral birth.
I call you now, attend to me!
In the circle, rightly cast.
Safe from psychic curse of blast.
I call you now, attend to me!
From cave and desert, sea and hill,
by wand, blade, cup and pentacle.
I call you now, attend to me!
This is my will, so mote it be!


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