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Some Surprising Facts About Djinn


1. Djinn can take on physical forms such as dogs, cats, birds, insects and even humans.

Unbeknownst to some, most times, this act is actually a form of possession and is not a physical manifestation of their true form.

When a djinn takes over a physical body, it is never for a significant amount of time, as when they are in these forms, whether in the possession state OR in true manifestation, they must abide by the physical laws that govern that particular body.

They can be harmed and even killed when in these physical forms. A gunshot wound, a broken limb, and even illness can be inflicted upon the djinn when they have chosen to take over any physical form.


2. Djinn are responsible for any act they chose to perform, whether good or evil. Just as we are all held accountable on judgment day, so are they.


3. According to the Imam Ibn Taymiya, the djinn have a choice in their religious beliefs. They come in all forms; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, non-believers, etc.

Just as there are good and evil humans in this world, there are good and evil djinn.


4. Djinn were once beings of nature, being neither good nor evil. Once Al-Yazid, a great Sheikh, gave them the choice to side with god, their essential nature changed.


5. The djinn are related to the Fae of Europe. However, once the choice was made (see #4), God gave the djinn something the fae would never have; a soul.


6. There are djinn who have never made a decision, based on the choice presented to them by Al-Yazid, and therefore remain entities of the elements.


7. Most strict forms of Islam hold the djinn in suspicion, due to their secrecy and magickal nature.


8. Most djinn are very selective about which humans know their true nature as ONLY humans can bind them.


9. It is said that some of the most powerful sahir are part djinn.


10. In order to bind a djinn, the conjurer must have an article belonging to that particular djinn. Once this article has been obtained, if the djinn is unwilling to come into the human fold, the conjurer and djinn engage in a battle of mind games and/or riddles in order to obtain each others true name.

These "games" are long and dangerous with the stakes being either enslavement or death for either party.


11. One of the most common articles to be obtained by a conjurer, is a precious stone, once belonging to or enchanted by the particular djinn he/she wishes to summon.

Once the djinn has been bound, the conjurer keeps this article for either the span of their own mortal life or the life of the djinn, whichever comes first. This is done to create an infinite bond between the conjurer and the djinn.


12. Djinn have extremely accurate memories. They never forget kindness, mistreatment, or injustice.


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