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Utilizing Entities to Win on Scratch Tickets

Entities & Scratch Lottery Tickets

I get so many questions regarding the lottery that sometimes, I just get overwhelmed with them.

So, instead of answering 200 questions a day, Ive decided to make available an article that *hopefully* explains the ins and outs.

Scratch Tickets & Pull Tab Type Lotteries

An entity, regardless of how powerful it is CANNOT change the outcome of a ticket. There are winners and there are losers and if you buy a losing ticket, you are stuck with it.

It doesnt matter how much your entity wants you to win. It doesnt matter how much you need to win. And it doesnt matter how hard you wish to win. A losing ticket cannot be changed.

In addition, a place of business has no control over how many winning tickets they receive NOR do they have any control over what amounts the winning tickets are.

Even the Lottery itself has no control over that. Though they know how many winning tickets there are and how much money is available to be won, the rest is random.

So, if you go into a gas station, wishing/asking for a win, yet hoping for a BIG win, and all they have in their roll of tickets are $20 winners - sorry, but $20 is all you’re going to get.

So can an entity help you win these types of lotteries? Absolutely. However, it depends on the variables available to them.

Things that will aid you in winning:

Ask your companion WHERE to buy your winning ticket. Then wait for an answer - pay attention. My biggest scratch ticket win was indicated to me on a radio station just a few moments after I asked this very question.

Next, ask your companion WHICH ticket you should purchase. There are many different kinds. Then wait for an answer - and again, pay attention.

Then, ask your companion HOW MANY tickets you should purchase from that particular roll of tickets.

The first ticket is not always the winner. You might have to buy 3 or 4 or even more to get to the winner.

Make sure you let your companion know that the winning ticket should be worth the purchase. You dont want to purchase $20 worth of tickets only to win $3. Let them know that if its not worth it, that its OK and that you understand that now is not the time or place.

It isnt wise to place restrictions on these types of tickets because of the variables involved. For example, if you are needing/wanting/wishing for $100 and there arent any $100 tickets available in that roll of tickets or place of purchase, its not the fault of the entity. If you go into it merely expecting to win more than what you started with, you are much more likely to be pleased with the results.

Our dear friend Megan has been utilizing both djinn and dragons in lottery winnings for years.

First, I want to point out that she has a dozen djinn of various degree and from various clan. She also has 11 royal dragons.

I wanted to share with you, the story of her latest win:

Megan is not the type to require more than what she needs. Each month, she explains what she “needs” as far as finances go in order to break even on bills, groceries, etc. Then, she tells her entities, “if its possible to win more than that...if the circumstances allow for it...then please bless me with more.

During a vacation (this year), Megan and her family stopped at a gas station to fill up as they were headed to their camping site. She had no intention of buying any lottery tickets until she got up to the counter and saw that one of the tickets was called Wild 7’s Slingo. The name of the ticket struck a cord with her as just a couple of nights before, she had dreamed that she was part of a gameshow called Slingo. She quietly backed away from the counter and connected with her dragons. She asked if the dream was a sign and one replied YES.

When she went to pay for her purchase, she inquired about the Slingo tickets. They were $3 each and there were 5 left. She decided to buy them all.

The first ticket she scratched off was a $20 winner. She was very happy with that. The last ticket, however, was a $30,000 winner!

There were 3 $30,000 winners in the entire batch of tickets and she had managed to purchase one.

This ticket was actually Megans second big win in 2011. The first was purchased in her home state and was a $25,000 winner.

The point is - pay attention. Your entities do tell you things - perhaps not always in words or obvious ways, but you never know what is important until the circumstances are right.

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