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Our Classification System

Incorporated here is a LOT of information so please, take your time reading to make sure that you know what you're getting into.


We base our classification system loosely on the ever popular 9 circles of hell.

The 9 circles classification system is a bit complicated and often hard for people to understand.  So, we've simplified it a bit and incorporated a numerical system.

Our classification system is based solely on ability, efficiency, and consistency. It is NOT based on manifestations.


Beginner Demons

AKA Limbo demons. Limbo demons are often used to introduce newbies into the realm of demons so that they can get a feel for that darker, often overwhelming energy.

They are mild compared to the higher circles and levels. Although powerful, they have been trained specifically in a few areas.

They cannot cause any kind of physical harm. They can, however, provide their masters with a plethora of things.

Persuasion, nightmares, implanting thought forms, minor manifestations, that sort of thing.

They make great protectors and are very consistent in the areas that they are trained in.


Level 1 Demons

Also Limbo Demons, except they have more experience in working with humans. They have minor demonic abilities and can be trained in specific areas.

Naturally, they can cause nightmares, imbalance, minor persuasions, implanting thought forms, short streaks of good luck, protection, self advancement, and some sexual attributes pertaining mostly to stamina.

Again, they can be trained so make sure you read the listings so that you know what types of things they are capable of in addition to the above mentioned attributes.


Level 2 Demons

In some circles, the level 2s are also considered to be limbo demons. In our classification system, they are not.

They have extensive natural demonic abilities and can still be trained in specific areas.

Naturally, they make great protectors.  They can provide moderate acts of revenge such as control over others, persuasion, subliminal implanting, and short term curses. They are skilled in the sexual aspects of stamina, heightened orgasms, bringing out hidden desires, passions, and attraction. They also have the ability to boost magickal workings and psychic gifts.

Again, they can be trained so make sure you read the listings so that you know what types of things they are capable of in addition to the above mentioned attributes.


Level 3 Demons

Now, here, we are getting into the levels of demons that can no longer be trained. Their abilities are based on what positions and accomplishments they've held in the lower realms. What you see is what you get.

They have abilities in areas of self advancement, confidence, protection, boosting and creating powerful magick, psychic advancement, sexual enhancement, lucid dreaming, control over others, advanced persuasion, cursing for moderate periods of time, and astral travel.

In the aspect of revenge, they can cause career loss, extreme mental imbalance, constant stress or emotional strain, destruction of relationships, physical things such as touching, scratching, manifestations, etc.

The level 3s can mature in their abilities somewhat, but they cannot advance to a higher level. Their maturation is based on the experiences and opportunities given to them by their summoner, keeper, as well as their surroundings in their own realms.


Level 4 Demons

Again, with this level of demonic entity, their abilities are based on positions and accomplishments in the lower and hell realms. What you see is what you get.

These demons are not for the novice. Although they are not hard to control, they very much have a mind of their own. If you are afraid of criticism, or being told that you are wrong, then its time to move back down the scale because once you get into the higher levels, most demonics are very opinionated.

They have a wide plethora of abilities and getting into this level often (not always) means that they specialize in a specific area, so read the listings to be sure you know what you are getting into.

In addition to their specialties, they can bring about justice, extreme acts of revenge, advanced persuasion, power in all aspects of life, super charged magick, advanced psychic gifts, summoning other entities, necromancing, shape-shifting, dream walking, lucid dreaming, astral travel, telepathy, and knowledge.

The level 4s have moderate sexual attributes such as stamina, heightened orgasms, bringing out hidden desires and passions, loss of inhibitions in both partners, and attraction.

They are also make great companions for the gambler and wealth seeker. They have an uncanny way of bringing abundance and prosperity into one's life whether its scratch tickets, drawings, finding treasures, or career advancement.

They like to stay busy and are not recommended for the part-time user.


Level 5 Demons

Now, here you are getting into extreme acts of extreme magick.

Although very proficient in revenge, justice, protection, etc, the level 5s are for keepers who work magick and want the other attributes as a secondary feature.

Summoning, gathering names, boosting power and control in spell work, controlling entities and spirits, bringing unwilling entities forth, dream work, implanting thoughts, images, chaos magic black magick, white magick, protection during magick work, etc.

The level 5s are extremely strong, obedient, and resourceful entities.

Some, but not all, of the level 5s have abilities in the area of sex and money, so be sure to read the listings, but again, these attributes are secondary to their magickal abilities.


Level 6 Demons

Now this is where the real power begins. If you've seen our webstore, you see that there is a big price difference between the level 5s and 6s. And for good reason.

Once you get to this level, you are starting to get into those fix all entities. Usually, once a keeper obtains a demon of this power, they never go back to the lower levels. The energy is addicting and each new companion adds an entirely different aspect to your life.

The level 6s are not hard to control but their level of energy and power can be overwhelming at times. They like to stay busy are definitely not for the on again, off again, keeper.

Their strict bindings prevent the possession of their keeper, their "victims" are fair game.

This level of entity is highly diverse.

Magick - Black magick, Chaos Magick, Castings, Summonings, control, protection during magick work, astral travel, dream work, boosting spells, acquiring power, absorbing energy, summoning spirits, focusing energy, and enhancing psychic attributes.

Psychic - Clairvoyance, divination, dream walking, far seeing, controlling others through thoughts, telepathy, advancement, mind reading, energy reading, energy sensing, reading imprints, and more

Financial - extreme luck, better odds in games of chance, gambling, reading others thoughts, creative wealth, attracting business & more

Personal - sex, confidence, healing, balance, self advancement, loss of inhibitions, protection, bringing out inner beauty, reducing aging and more!

Wishes - REVENGE, financial gain, absorbing power, energy, control, fertility, and more

Some of the level 6s specialize in specific areas but they are very hard to find and are considered an extreme rarity.


Level 7 Demons

Basically, a level 7 does everything the lower level entities can do. The only real difference is that they have a much higher energy vibration so their manifestations are more extreme. This is the only level of demon where we take into consideration the level of manifestations in their classification.

They are extremely consistent, can be violent in their attacks, and even deadly.


Title Hierarchy - This list is based on what we make available here on SE. For a more complete list of title holding positions within the demonic hierarchy, please see the list at the bottom of the page.


Presidents -

Each has their own individual traits but can be compared to a level 4 or 5. What makes them powerful is not the power that they, themselves, hold, its the servitors that they command. Each president is placed in charge of a specific number of servitors (from 3 to 50) and normally, these servitors range from the levels of beginner to 4.


Dukes & Duchesses -

Again, they have their own individual traits but can be compared to a level 4 or 5.

They also have command over a specific number of servitors (from 3 to 50) and normally, these servitors range from the levels of 2 to 5.


Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses -

The difference between the Grand's and the regulars is simply the fact that they command over legions, or groups of demons, not individual servitors. A legion usually consists of between 5 and 100 demons ranging in levels from beginner to level 6s.

These demons, themselves, can be compared to a level 5 or 6.


Princes, Princess, Kings, & Queens -

As individuals, royalty can be compared to a level 6 or 7. What gives them their power is the number of presidents, dukes, duchesses, grand dukes, grand duchesses, legions, and other various types of demonic entities that they oversee and command.

Most are extremely wicked in nature and have huge personalities. Some can actually be very loving, but all are very dedicated. When considering acts of revenge, they have no conscious and are capable of most anything.


Generals -

Generals are actually some the most powerful demonic entities. Even more so than Royalty as they are in direct control and command over hundreds and sometimes even thousands of demons. They command all of the presidents, dukes, duchesses, grand dukes, grand duchesses, as well as any other demonic entities under the King and Queen.

In fact, at one time or another, most Generals have been in Royal positions are very respected because of that fact.

Generals are hand chosen according to power, dominance, and ability by Commanders. 

Generals are rare! Do not expect to see them priced under a few thousand dollars. They are extremely hard to summon and most take weeks of constant dedication, ritual, and work to bring forth. Once within the human fold, they are the type of entity to be passed from generation to generation.


Commanders -

Comanders are extremely high-ranking, royal demonics. They rule over realms and/or areas, not merely over numbers. All demonics within their realm or area answer to them. This includes commons, Kings, Queens, Generals, and all of the other demonics within the classification system. Normally, a commander will have thousands of demonics to rule over.

Commanders take great care in appointing "Generals" to reside over specific parts and/or orders within their kingdoms. It is not uncommon for a commander to have a dozen generals and twice as many counsel members aiding them and working along side them in keeping order within their kingdom.

They are very active individuals and truly take pride in organizing and working with those appointed demonics to keep everything within their realm running in tip top shape. Although their title would imply that they are warrior like, they actually leave those duties up to the Generals.


If you are considering acquiring a demonic entity for the purpose of possession, there are some things that you need to know.

First: When bindings are done correctly, they do not allow for keeper possession. If you feel that you are being taken over by your companion, then you are purchasing from an inexperienced practitioner/dealer. Make sure, you know the reputation of and trust the person/s that you purchase from! Develop a relationship with that person before you make a decision. Make sure they know what they are talking about.

When you command your demonic companion to possess a victim, there are certain things that are common results.

A short term possession (hours - to a few days) may lead to: short term memory loss, imbalance, mood swings, outbursts of anger, and minor illnesses such as colds, flu, headaches, dizziness, cramps, etc.

Moderate possession (a few days to a few weeks) may lead to long term memory loss (similar to symptoms exhibited by dementia patients), severe depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, random physical movements such as ticks, the tossing of arms, tripping, jerking, and bending, illnesses such as flu, colds, infections, sores, severe acne, migraines, random yelling and cursing, hearing voices, and self mutilation.

Long term possession (anything longer than 3 to 4 weeks) can lead to all of the symptoms mentioned above and even death!

SO before you even think about asking your entity to possess someone, think twice. We are not responsible for what you do with your entities.

Demons can be used for good or bad, that is completely up to you!


Hell-born vs Low-born

For explanation purposes, there are 2 realms of demons. The Hell realm demonics, or Hell-born, and The Lower realm demonics, also known as Low-born, Lower-born, or Sub-demons.

Now, within those 2 realms there are an infinite number of smaller realms or sub-realms. Within those sub-realms are even more realms, which are sometimes referred to as the intermediate realms.

See Diagram Below for Reference

Now, lets incorporate the hierarchy system here:

The Devil/Satan Rules over the Hell Realm.

Commanders rule over the sub-realms.

Commanders appoint Generals to rule over the intermediate realms within their sub realms.

Generals appoint Kings & Queens to aid in the command and ruling of kingdoms within the intermediate realms.


It is the same concept within the Lower Realm.


I know, my design skills are very basic. But I hope you get the idea.

So what are the differences between hell-born and low-born demons?

Although there are hundreds of differences, if not more, between the realms, there are a few basic differences that collectors base their decisions off of.

Demonics that are "hell-born" are usually pretty vile creatures. They are raised in this community type setting from the moment they are born. Many of them truly have no idea who their parents are or even what a parents position in their lives would be. Their only direction comes from their surroundings. And those surroundings are quite...unusual. There is a lot of violence...its a matter of power, control, and who's on "top" of the chain, perse. There are no laws, no discipline, nothing. They all do what they want, when they want.

Hell born demons have lots of babies! They procreate like rabbits! Usually only Royalty have a single "spouse" while the common demons mate with whoever they want. Down there, males are dominant and females are basically...breeding stock.

Being raised in this type of environment, hell-born demons tend to need a lot of direction. They aren't as friendly and are usually more stand-offish. However, there are always exceptions and this is also an important factor to take into consideration.

The lower realms are very different. They have laws. They have a code of ethics...although different from ours, its still present. They live in communities and compared to the hell realms, they're actually very civilized.

Lower realm parents are very proactive and even caring. They usually mate with a single individual and normally have fewer than 5 "children." This makes for a very well rounded, intelligent demon.

Unlike hellborns, lower realm demonics actually have family values. You can always tell when a female is a lower realm because they actually have the ability to act like a mother. They know how many children they have. They know where their children are. And they gush over them like any other mother!

Lower realm demonics, although they don't have the same sense of "right and wrong" that we have, they do have a foundation for their actions. Many of them believe that by serving mankind, they will somehow work their way up a ladder of sorts into some kind of angelic-hood.

They don't always see their actions as being right or wrong in the eyes of the world as a whole, but rather in the eyes of their human companion or if they don't have a human companion, they basically serve their parents and family. Their actions reflect "need" rather than right or wrong.

Also, you'll often notice that lower realm communities are smaller. A King and Queen in hell realms may rule over thousands of demonics where comparable royalty in the lower realms will usually rule over hundreds.


Order! Smaller numbers are easier to keep track of, have less chaos among them, and their hierarchy is also better organized in this way.

So when considering the adoption process, you're going to have to determine what type of personality fits you best as an individual.

There are also other planes of existence - celestial and earth realms for example. Though their hierarchy systems are similar, the demonics from these realms have an entirely different set of skills.

The complete Hierarchy of Title Holding Positions

In a traditional, or rather, human militant setting, a general is a higher ranking official than a commander.

Thus is not the case when it comes to the demonic realms.

Though the title, “Commander” seems as though it may be a militant title, it is not.

Commander is the title given to the highest ranking demonics…those that are in direct control over the entire hierarchy system.

No where else within the hierarchy is the title of “Commander” given.


Generals are definitely militant in both title and the position they hold within the demonic hierarchy system.

Generals oversee the militant duties of their said intermediate realm. Even the kings, queens, presidents, dukes, duchesses, etc respect and heed their command.

However, there are 2 types of generals…the commanding generals and the common generals. Lieutenant Generals are referred to as Lieutenants, not generals, but if you wanted to get really specific, I guess you could say there are 3 types.

Below is a full list of the exact hierarchy system of demonics and the order in which they are titled according to power.

The hierarchy system of the demonic realms is a very complicated one. But this will give you the gist of it.

Lucifer - The Devil - Satan - Known as The Prime Minister -

Commanders - Second in command - For example: Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, is a commander.


Within the militant hierarchy:

1. Commanding Generals (the generals that you’ll see on SE)

2. Lieutenant General

3. Brigadier

4. Field Marshals

5. Common Generals

Within the social hierarchy, there are even more titles, held according to power:

Kings & Queens


Prince & Princesses

Dukes & Duchesses (Including Grands - Grand Duke & Grand Duchess)

Counts & Countesses


Presidents & Earls

As a personal preference, you will not see Marquis offered here on SE. They are more of a counsel type position and because they dont like to work well outside of their counsel group, we do not offer them to the public. In addition, Counts & Countesses are rarer than one would think. I did not include them in the list above as, currently, we dont have any to offer. In the future, if we do have them available, the list of attributes above is subject to change.

Regarding the warrior/militant type demons. Although we do make certain one's available on occasion, they are not a common offering for us. Most of the lower ranking militant demons are quite hard to connect with as they are really focused on their "job" within their realms. Plus, there just isnt that big of an interest in them online. Perhaps, someday that will change and then, we, in turn, will make more available.

If you see a type of demonic on the list that you are interested in, dont hesitate to ask about them. We only make available, a small portion of our spirited inventory here on spiritedenterprise but that doesnt mean we dont have them, period.

BTW, this is not a hierarchy list that we "made up" just so that we could sound like we know what we are talking about. This same hierarchy list has been utilized by practitioners and even published since long before any of us ever walked the earth.

I really dont care what ebayer's say to market their items. This is the true and only list! You can research it for yourselves. Some publishers/writers talk extensively about the role Commanders and Generals, while others tend to stick with either the militant or social side of things. You'll have to combine research in order to see the "whole" of the system. But this is the general list. And like I said, the ONLY list of titles. No other titles are used within the demonic system...This includes both hell realms and lower realms.

As an end note...because this has caused such an uproar...

Demons can be evasive. The militant demons abide by a code of conduct. They dont just release the names and/or titles of their commanding "officers" just because you ask them to. They may very well call their boss "The leader" or by some other general umbrella term. This doesnt mean that this term is their actual title within the hierarchy. It simply means that the demon they are referring to holds a ranking title and that the information you are inquiring about is either none of your business or he/she is not at liberty to say.

Nevertheless, its important that you, as keepers/collectors/etc, realize that titles are a big deal. You should not simply go around addressing entities of rank with whatever title/general terminology you chose. Its very disrespectful.

Think about it...if you were the manager of some 5 star restaurant and a patron referred to you as simply "the waitress" or "waiter" wouldnt you be a bit offended? After all, you're a manager. A person within the company who has status, ranking, and power....a boss. You worked hard to get to where you are and you deserve to be acknowledged.

The same goes for entities. Holding a ranking title is of importance. Its a status. Its a way of distinguishing one entity from another.