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12 Common Signs of a Haunting

1. Nightmares - Now, these are more extreme than your average nightmares and more than likely, if they are associated with a ghost, they will be an every-night occurance. More often than not, more than one person in the home will be having nightmares that are similar or identical.


2. Strange Noises - bumps, knocking, footsteps, whispers, scratching, disembodied voices, doorbells ringing (no one is there), phones ringing (no one on the other end), cupboards opening and shutting, the sound of running water, etc.


3. Disappearance and reappearance of objects in the home. Many times, it will be something that you just set down.


4. Pets reacting to things you cannot see. Often dogs and cats will react by barking, hissing, and even playing with things that humans cannot see.


5. Electric disturbances. Televisions switching on their own, phones ringing, lights flickering or going on and off, cell phones loosing all battery power or turning on and off repeatedly, new batteries in electronic devices depleting with little to no use, childrens games and toys turning on by themselves.


6. Unexplained cold spots or drafts.


7. Babies and young children reacting or even talking to something you cannot see.


8. See things out of the corner of your eye. fleeting movements, blurs, shadows, streaks or blinks of light are the most common.


9. Feelings of being watched or a strong presence when no one is in the room.


10. Feelings of being touched. Light brushes on the skin, light nudges, pushes, or pokes, being tripped, shoved, or held tightly.


11. Extreme changes in temperature. Most people experience this kind of disturbance in a small area of a room. Sometimes and area will go from being normal to cold or from normal to hot in just a few seconds and then go back to normal just as quickly as it came.


12. Unexplainable odors or smells. Demonic entities or ghosts with ill intent will often emit a strong, foul odor while other, harmless ghosts will often emit the scent of perfume, flowers, or citus scents.


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