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Creating a Nesting Space


First of all, what is it?

A nesting space is a space/sanctuary that you create for your entities. It’s a small place where your entities vessel can sit and where they can spend time just enjoying the atmosphere.

Are they necessary? No, but entities do appreciate them.

A nest can be anything you choose really. Your base can be a plate, a bowl, a box, or even just a space on top of your desk.

It can be as fancy or as basic as you’d like it to be.

I like to use vintage things in my nesting places. Its fun watching the pieces of the nest come together.

For example for some of my gargoyles I have a very dark-themed, gothic like nest.

My base is a smoky gray glass desert plate from the 1950s. I bought it for $1 at a rummage sale.

I then took a small piece of silky black fabric, left over from a Halloween costume, and sewed it into a square primitive pillow. I stuffed that with soft, faux black craft feathers. On the edge of the “pillow case” I glued the focals from a pair of vintage red rhinestone earrings that I found at a vintage store for $1.00. I then used tacky clay to keep the pillow in the center of the plate.

Around the pillow, on the edge of the plate, I placed things that I thought my gargoyles would like.

Vintage gargoyle charms. A tiny doll house-sized gargoyle figure. A set of teensy skeleton keys that I found at a second hand store. Small pieces of fancy black lace left over from a pair of curtains my grandmother made for a client. A gothic looking doll house mirror that I found on eBay for $2.99. Loose uncut, rough gemstones that I collected over the years. A tiny pewter castle that I got from a friend.

When I want to spend time with my gargoyles without wearing their vessels, I place them on their nesting plate so we can enjoy each others company throughout the day.

For my dryads, I created a space using only natural, earthy things. The base is a primitive wooden bowl that my son made in the 4th grade. Its filled with dried leaves, tiny twigs, river stones, and tiny herbal pillows that I create myself and replace 2 or 3 times a year.

Like I said, they can be as elaborate or as basic as you want them to be. When creating a nesting space, think of things that you know or think your entity would like or things that you feel would resonate well with their own personal energy.

Of course, you can start off with something basic and over time, as you find little trinkets, you can add them.

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