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We are proud to be among the first entrepreneurs to

offer spell-cast magickals, spirits & entities for sale online.


We have been online for several years and have a very

large network of people working with us year around to aid

us in offering you such a vast array of magickals.


Our friends and collectors come from all over the world and

from many different belief systems.


Personally, my sisters and I have been "Spirit Dealers" for 

nearly 30 years. We have been collectors of the metaphysical, 

 paranormal, and unusual all of our lives.


Our collection is vast because we work hard to make it so.

We are all very proud to offer to you, our life's work.


While we are all very experienced in magick & the 

paranormal, we are still learning about the internet, 

computers, etc. We learn and grow more every day

so bear with us as we get the hang of things.


To learn more about each of us, please visit "Our Team" page.

We will be adding to it as time allows.


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