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Spell Casting Correspondences

The Basics of Spell Casting Correspondences

Moon Phases and Corresponding Spells

Phases and Magick
When the moon is new, you can barely see it in the sky.  The timing to perform New Moon Magick is from the day of the New Moon to 3 1/2 days after.  Intent for spells include: beauty, health, and self-improvement, farms and gardens,  job hunting, love and romance and networking. (Some people believe it is a time for just mediation because the power of the New Moon is unstable)  So before you jump into, try a few spells and see how well the energies work for you!

Crescent Moon Magick is best performed 3 1/2 days after the new moon to the 7th day after the New Moon. During this phase the best spells include: Animal, Business, Change, Emotions and Matriarchal Strength.

The Waxing Moon phase is the time when the moon is going from New, to Full. One way I was told once is when you look in the sky and you see the points of the moon pointing to the left it is the Waxing Moon. This phase occurs 7 to 10 days after the new moon. Some intents for spell work include: courage, elemental magick, friends, luck, and motivation.

Gibbous Moon Phase occurs 10 to 13 days after the New Moon.  This is a great phase for doing magick for patience.

14 days after the New Moon, it becomes Full. The Full Moon is said to have fabulous energy to do many types of spells.  Some intents included are: artistic endeavors, beauty, health, and fitness, change and decisions, children, competition, dreams, families,  health and healing, knowledge, legal undertakings, love and romance, money, motivation, protection, schism, and self-improvement

3 to 7 days after the full moon is the Disseminating Moon.  The best intent for spells during this time includes; addictions, decisions, divorce, emotions, stress, and.

Waning Moon Magick is best performed 7 -10 days after the Full Moon.  This is when the Moon is going from Full to New, or black. The Moon is in its Waning phase when the points of the Moon point to the right.  During this time spells should be for:  divorce, health and healing (banishing disease), stress, and protection.

Dark Moon Magick is performed 11-14 days after the Full Moon.  This is a good time to do spells for addictions, change, divorce, enemies, justice, obstacles, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping stalkers and theft.

Please note we have left out the usage of Black Magick.  We feel that it is necessary for an experienced practitioner to work these magicks, thus we have not included an abundance of information on this topic.  Generally speaking Black Magick is cast during the Dark Moon.  Grey Magick or Duality is practiced during the Waning and Waxing moon.  Waxing moon is for boosting such as persuasion.  Waning moon is for subtracting influences such as breaking bonds with lovers.

Days of the Week  and Corresponding Spells when not utilizing the Moon Phases

Monday: The Moon; best for emotionally based spellwork, such us attracting confidence and intuition, protection spells, clairvoyance

Tuesday: Mars; Passion, Battle, Confidence Boosting.. Mars is the God of War, so if you need a spiritual battle, this is the day for it. Tuesday is also a good day for protection spells.

Wednesday: Mercury; Great for communication (earthly and other planes). Good for spells involving the granting of information.

Thursday: Jupiter. Prosperity. Spells or luck and success spells should be done on this day (be sure to keep it with the waxing moon).
Friday: Venus. Love, Romance, Bring Back Lovers, Soul mate Spells

Saturday: Saturn. Restricting. Good for banishing spells and ridding old energies. Binding spells are also potent on this day. Also good for focusing and developing patience. To get rid of unwanted energies or desires.

Sunday: The Sun; Truth in all matters. The sun is great for truth spells and generating warmth in your heart. If you feel that you are frigid inside and holding tons of resentment, use the Sun energy

Candles and Color Correspondences for Spell Casting

Red Candles~*  Element=FIREInfluence in spell work:
Energy, Strength, Passion, Courage, Career Goals, Fast Action, Lust, Blood of the Moon, Vibrancy, Driving Force, Love, Survival,
Love, Passion, Emotion, Courage, Sex, Lust, Strength, Power, Anger, Fire,  Energy

Orange Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Business Goals, Property Deals, Ambition, Career Goals, General Success, Justice, Legal Matters, Selling, Action, Attraction, Encouragement, Stimulation, Quick manifestation, Fire, Courage

Copper Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Passion, Money Goals, Professional Growth, Fertility in Business, Career Maneuvers

Gold Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Invoking Gods, Wealth,  Promote Winning, Safety and Power of the Male, Happiness, Playful Humor, The "masculine" Aspects of the Divine, the Sun, Prosperity and Abundance

Yellow Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
The Sun, Intelligence, Accelerated Learning, Memory, Logical Imagination, Breaking Mental Blocks, Selling Yourself, Attraction, Charm, Confidence, Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Money, Health

Pink Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Romantic Love, Planetary Good Will, Healing of Emotions, Peace, Affection, Romance, Partnerships of Emotional Maturity, Caring, Nurturing, Honor, Love, Romance, Compassion, Femininity, Friendship, Sexual Attraction

Green Candles~* Element EARTH
Influence in spell work:
Earth Mother, Physical Healing, Monetary Success, Abundance, Fertility, Tree and Plant Magick, Growth, Personal Goals, Fertility, Prosperity, Love, Growth, Luck, Healing, Purifying, Happiness

Blue Candles ~* Element WATER
Influence in spell work:
Good Fortune, Opening Blocked Communication, Wisdom, Protection, Spiritual Inspiration, Calm, Reassurance, Gently Moving, Creativity, Success, Material/Earthly Destiny, Patience, Communication, Clarity, Wisdom

Purple candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Influencing People in High Places, Third Eye, Psychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Self Assurance, Hidden Knowledge, Spirituality and Spiritual destiny, Power, Peace, Royalty, Concentration

Silver Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Generally Invoking Goddess? or Specifically The Lady of the Moon Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Intuition, Dreams, Astral Energies, Female Power, Communication, Prosperity and Abundance, Clairvoyance, Astral Traveling.

Brown Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Influence Friendships, Special Favors, To Dispel Sorrow, Grounding, For Growing Plants and Gardens

Black Candles~*
Influence in spell work:
Protection, Repelling Negativity, Binding, Shapeshifting, Returning Bad Vibes, The Void, Pure Potential, Protection, Negates All Colors and Energies, Invocation

White Candles~*Element AIR
Influence in spell work:
Spirituality, The Goddess, Peace, Higher Self, Purity, Virginity (as in the woman's mind is owned by no man), a substitute for any other color, Purity and Oneness, Contains and reflects All colors, Peace, Purifying, Healing

Natural Herbs and Resins for  Incense during spell work

~* Best used with charcoal tablets

Promotes spirituality and protection. Used to create harmonious and magnetic vibrations in love and friendship.

Used in prosperity and wisdom spells.

The most precious, rare incense on earth. Since antiquity it has been so prized and difficult to procure, that it was often traded on an equal level of gold. Burned for luck, love and to strengthen other incenses.

A sacred temple powder often referred to as "Nectar of the Gods" or "Ambrosia" because of it's divine fragrance. Emotion balancer. Used in healing and meditation. Intoxicating aroma that blends well with everything.

A sacred Japanese temple incense used to drive away negativity and to bring good luck. Psychic pendulums and good luck charms.

Used in love, healing, immortality and garden magic rituals.

Used for respiratory work and for grounding.

Bamboo is the stick used to hold the herbs and resins in most stick incense. It has magical uses of it's own. It is used in divination in Chinese Temples. Used in luck, protection and hex-breaking rituals.

Used in fertility, potency and prosperity rituals.

Used for purification and prosperity. Often used as a base for incense blends. An antiseptic, cleanses the lungs, strengthens the mind, burned for knowledge, peace, and psychic protection. A fine "clearing" resin.

Used for purifying, protection and to banish bad dreams. Used by Native Americans in sweat lodges to release heavy emotional energies.

A blend of costly, highly fragrant rare gums, resins & powders for meditation and for creating your sacred space. An auric energizer. It brings one's energies into harmonious balance.

Long been used to stimulate or attract love and divination.

Raises high spiritual and protective vibrations. Used for healing and money rituals. A stimulant, aphrodisiac, draws money, stimulates psychic powers. Holy anointing oil used by ancient Hebrews.

Long been used in chastity spells, as well as protection rituals.

Used in immunity and heart rituals. An earthy, spicy Copal. Burned during "Day of the Dead" Celebrations.

Considered to be a sacred "Food of the Gods". Used in immunity and heart rituals. Burned for love and purification. It is the cleanest and purest of the Copals.

Used to drive away hostile, negative forces. An aphrodisiac and psychic enhancer. It is also used to produce spiritual vibrations and to purify the area.

Traditionally used to drive out bad spirits, feelings and influences. An important, strong, herbaceous Native American Plant. Burned for wealth, wisdom, knowledge, protection, and purification.

Red Resin from a palm tree. It is used in rituals involving love, protection and exorcism. Burned for consecration, protection, good luck and strengthens spells. Increases potency of other resins.

Used in healing and sickness rituals. Also used to maintain good health and for protection.

Burned for psychic work to restore peace and harmony with it's soothing vibrations.

Releases powerful positive vibrations and drives away evil and negativity. Still burned in the Catholic churches. Used as an incense for purification, spiritual growth, knowledge and meditation.

Two most popular blessed resins of the kings. A powerful combination that is used for spirituality, healing, protection and exorcism. Used as an incense for purification, spiritual growth, knowledge and meditation.

Used in love spells and to attract good, peaceful spirits during rituals. Possesses very high spiritual vibrations. A must for moon rituals.

Used for luck , prosperity, fidelity, love and fertility

Citrus Geranium scent burned for luck, love, fidelity, money and weddings.

A beautiful rose fragrance and is used in powerful love & healing incenses and sachets. A calming, stress remedy.

Used in money and success rituals. Burned for psychic growth and success.

Used in protective and pyschic awareness rituals. Burned for purification. A sweet, light vanilla-like scent used in making scents and adhesives.

Burned for love, fidelity, money, protection and clairvoyance. A mental stimulant that aids intuition and psychic perception.

Burned for love, protection and happiness. Guards against nightmares.

Considered a very important purification and protection herb. Powerful, healing scent is also great for respiratory work. Burned for wealth and psychic protection

Used in love and wealth rituals. An aphrodisiac. Will cause prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom and is used to induce sleep.

Helps promote psychic powers and guards against evil, sickness and hexes. Used in sick rooms throughout Europe.

Used throughout Europe as a protective herb. Helps promote psychic powers and guards against evil, sickness and hexes.

Has long been used in love and healing rituals. Used to attract and protect relationships. Promotes sleep and peacefulness.

LEMON BALM (Melissa)
Burned for compassion and gentleness.

Burned as a psychic enhancer.

Burned for exorcism and protection. Brings peace and harmony into everyday life.

The Lotus has been long revered in the East as a mystical symbol of life, spirituality and the center of the universe. Burned for protection and as a sacred offering to the Gods. It is said to attract good fortune and love while promoting long life.

Burned for fidelity and love.

Brings protection, enlightenment and sexual magnetism. Stimulates self-confidence, determination and enhances extroversion and the will. Used in lust and sensuality rituals.

Was used in the temple of Isis. Great meditation and contemplation incense. Burned for banishing negativity, protection and release. Increases the power of other incenses it's added to.

A blend of costly, highly fragrant rare gums, resins & powders for meditation and for creating your sacred space. An auric energizer. It brings one's energies into harmonious balance.

A plant revered by all Native American healers for it's powerful healing abilities. Used to treat respiratory and rheumatic complaints. Incredible butterscotch and celery scent permeates the room with magic.

Burned for luck, love, money, and weddings.

Burned for burned for beauty, luck, fidelity and love. Attracts love, romance and increases sexual magnetism.

Used in love, money and prosperity rituals. Used in fertility talismans due to it's rich, earthy smell. An aphrodisiac.

Used for healing, protection, prosperity, growth and renewal.

Burned for luck, money and chastity.

Used in healing, money, exorcism and protection rituals. Burn it in winter months to purify and cleanse the house.

Gathered in the Taos mountains and produces the classic sweet forest essence of Northern New Mexico. It's cleansing, comforting scent is said to be helpful for fertility, compassion, and purification. Used by Navajos in war dances.

Used in love, luck, grief and healing rituals. Induces thoughts of loving affection and peaceful harmonious vibrations. Used for prophetic dreams.

When burned emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations. One of the oldest incenses. Used in love, healing and mental rituals. Stimulates memory and clarification.

Burned for love, healing, happiness, lust, strength and clairvoyance.

One of the most valuable woods in the world. Burned for spiritual awareness, meditation and psychic development. It's deep, rich, mysterious scent is also a great Incense base.

Burned for love and luck.

Burned to purify spaces and to attract positive influences.

Burned for money, courage and strength.

Used to ward off evil and negativity. It restores happiness, peace and harmony.

Burned for love, lust, healing, luck and mental powers.

Burned or carried for protection and love.

Used in love, luck and money rituals. Smokey, earthy scent blends well with Patchouli and Sandalwood.

Most popular for the sweet fragrance of it's burning leaf. U.S. grown Sage sacred to Native American cultures. Used to purify and protect objects, places and people.

A traditional Midsummer Incense used to purify the body of ills and evil. Also used in protection and reunion rituals.

Also called "Portable Temple" because it will drive out negative influences and restores a guarded boundary of protection.

Usages of Stick Incense in Spell Work

These scents are more along the lines of the Neo-pagan and modern Wicca movements but are still quite effective given the directive of the spell caster.  On  occasion when we do spell castings as we are Old Ways we utilize the traditional scents rather than making our own.

Black Opium Incense - Love, Fertility, Sleep, Invisibility
Enchanted Forest Incense - Healing, Prosperity, Protection
French Lavender Incense - Love, Protection, Happiness, Peace
Sandalwood Incense - Spirituality, Wishes, Healing, Exorcism
Amaretto Incense (almond)- Prosperity and Wisdom
Cedarwood Incense - Healing, Money, Protection
Enchanted Forest Incense - Healing, Prosperity, Protection
Gingerbread Incense - Love, Success, Power
Night Jasmine Incense - Love, Money, Dreams
Nile Lotus Incense - Good Luck, Diety Offerings, Love Antidote
Patchouli Incense - Love, Lust, Spirituality, Money
Lemon Incense - Love, Friendship, Longevity
Coconut Incense - Chastity, Protection
Frankincense Incense- Protection, Exorcism
Irish Leather Incense - Protection
Lilac Incense - Banishing, Protection, Psychic Powers
Mulberry Incense - Protection, Strength
Cherry Incense - Divination, Love
French Lavender Incense - Love, Protection, Happiness, Peace
French Vanilla Incense - Love, Lust, Mental Powers
Victorian Rose Incense - Love, Psychic Powers, Love Divination, Luck
Wisteria Incense - Astral Travel, Spirituality, Protection

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