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Bonding With Spirits & Entities


Bonding with your adopted spirits and entities is not hard, contrary to popular belief. Each spirit/entity has it's own unique personality. Every spirit/entity has a past just like their human companions do. The key to bonding with any spirit/entity is maintaining an openness in believing in their presence, being respectful, persistent in your communication, and constant in your communication.

We strongly suggest that you use this simple Welcoming ritual upon the arrival of any spirit or entity adoption in your home. It shows respect and receptiveness. All you need is a small white tea light and a little bit of time.


Welcoming Ritual

Hold the spirited vessel in your hands and say:

"(Insert name of spirit/entity), you are welcomed here."

Hold your vessel up to the sun (night sky if your spirit is a Djinn or spirit of a darker nature)and say:

"I am (insert your name here). I am your human companion.

I believe in you and respect you for all the power you hold within your soul.

Protect me, guide me, and walk with me all the days of my life."

Then, light a small white tea light and say,

"I burn this with our relationship in mind.

As the candle burns, our relationship blossoms."

Allow the vessel to sit beside the candle until it extinguishes itself.

Once the candle is out, pick up the vessel and say,

"Our bond is begun. So mote it be."


Potential Problems

The biggest problem that comes to us from human companions is when they doubt the presence of their spirit/entity or they blame ill occurrences on their new companion. The next paragraphs will elaborate.


Be advised, it is not wise to ask your spirit/entity companion repeatedly to appear to you when you are doubting their presence. It is likened to someone walking up to you and pinching you and saying "You're not real".

They are real, they are there and they are active.  

Blaming Ill Occurrences on Spirits

Each spirit/entity that we release to collectors have been worked with extensively by ourselves, as well as shared with close friends.  All of our companions are safe.  They will not harm their human companion.  Some have sacred codes of conduct that do not allow them to hurt their companion.  Other spirits are bound in such a way that they cannot harm their companion.  


To aid with the bonding process, upon adopting (aka paying for your adoptive companion), we will include their name, and any information that we have available on the spirit/entity. Information may include the name of who conjured or summoned the spirit/entity, gifts that are appropriate for giving your companion at the completion of a task, as well as your companion's specialized capabilities.

One of the strongest suggestions that we can make is that if you choose a companion with a wearable vessel, wear the spirit vessel regularly and communicate either by thought or out loud with them. It is possible to communicate with a spirit during focused meditation.  

The Appearance of Your Companion

Many spirits/entities upon becoming comfortable with their human companion will appear to them. Please be advised, they do not always come in human form. Sometimes, in rare cases they will appear in their true form. Not all spirits and entities are pretty like in the story books.

Spirits and entities can come to you when you are about your daily tasks in forms such as shadows, shimmers, show their presence through inanimate objects, or even changes in scent where there is no common cause. They can also appear in your dreams, during astral travel, and many other ways. Generally, they try to appear in the most comfortable way possible so as not to alarm their human companion.  


We want you to enjoy your new companion. They can teach and share many things with you. Keep in mind these things:

Complete the Welcoming Ritual

Be respectful


Be compassionate

And last but not least, give your relationship and bonding process time. Each adoption of a new spirit/entity is like meeting a new friend. Every relationship grows where trust is founded, and where time is well spent.

*Please note that some medications such as anti-depressants, anti -anxiety medications, and some psychotropics may cause difficulty in communicating and understanding your spirits. DO NOT take yourself off of your prescribed medications in order to work with magickals or entities. Your health is MUCH more important!!