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The History of Portal Boxes

We often get asked about the history of portal boxes so I thought Id create a little article about how they came to be.

Back in the time of King Solomon, the only people allowed to have magick of any kind were those in positions of power. Members of the Royal families, Businessmen, Prophets, etc.

Anyone else caught with magick of any kind were either imprisoned or killed.

Conjurers, Seers, Psychics, Magicians, etc were categorized into levels of sorts. Those with great ability and great power were chosen and/or forced to work under the command of royal families.

Others were given permission to work for the commoners as long as they paid a percentage of what they earned to the King.

Those that refused, were imprisoned or killed.

As I’m sure you realize, these royal families were hungry for power. They wanted all of it that they could get. They believed that magick controlled the universe and that the more magick they possessed, the more they could influence and the more powerful they would be.

Even though the Royal families had these conjurers, seers, and magicians, they still felt as if they should have these phenomenal otherworldly abilities themselves. They were Royalty after all, why were they not blessed with these same gifts?

The magicians tried to teach the Royal families how to do the conjuring themselves but the natural ability was just not there. They did not have the knowledge or the energy to do what it takes to bring an entity forth.

One of the biggest obstacles, if you want to call it that, was fasting. The members of the Royal families that wanted the ability of conjuring didn’t feel that they should have to fast in order to bring entities forth. A King, go without eating? Unheard of!

SO…a group of Royal Magicians got together and began a task that would take a lifetime. Over a span of 60 years, this group worked on creating a portable portal that could be opened and closed at will. By the time the box was perfected, many of the original group had passed away. But the remainder of the group continued until their goal was completed.

The first portal box that was ever created was a box made from solid gold. It was heavy and truly, a gargantuan artifact to carry around. Rumor has it, this box is unknowingly, in the hands of the museum of natural history.

Over the years, the portal boxes were perfected even more. Magicians discovered that they could be created out of wood, which was much lighter and easier to carry, as well as easier to conceal. Then sometime during the 1960s, a conjurer who had been studying portal boxes his entire life, discovered that he had created what we now refer to as a binding box…a portal box that automatically puts bindings in place.

That same conjurer also discovered that the mantras to open the portal could be simplified down to 3 or 4 lines and be just as effective as the drawn out rituals that the ancient practitioners created.

Portal boxes were often gifted to or created for spirit dealers who’s age began to affect their ability to conjure. Now days, although they are still rare, they are more commonly seen in the hands of spirit dealers who spend most of their time traveling.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Portal boxes are expensive and take several months to create.

Most range in the $2500 to $5000 mark for white entity portal boxes. The dark entity portal boxes can range anywhere from $3500 to $10000 depending upon their size. Duality boxes, that bring forth both white and dark entities are usually around $4000 to $15000, also depending upon their size.

When contemplating a purchase, you want to look for a larger box, especially if you have plans of becoming a dealer yourself.

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