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There are actually 38 females and 18 males that work for SE on a regular basis.

These are the members that you will have the most interaction with when it comes to SE online.

Sister Raven - In the business aspect, Raven heads up our packaging, shipping, and receiving efforts here at Spirited Enterprise. She has over 15 years of experience in the magickal world. She practices a mixture of  folk magick, Native American magick, & wicca. Raven is also one of our resident tarot readers. 

Mother Moon - In the business aspect, Moon manages our online store & heads up customer service. With more than 30 years of experience, Moon is our resident "know it all." She researches, answers questions, & gives advice for our huge customer base here at Sprited Enterprise. She practices a mixture of old school folk magick, Celtic and Egyptian magicks. She is also an Ordained Pagan Minister and Head of our sisterhood.

Nan - Nan has been a practitioner for more than 21 years. For the last 10 years she has been teaching both magickal and non-magickal people how to work with entities and spirits.  

Auntie M - Auntie M is one of our family practitioners. At the age of 92, Auntie M has been a folk magick practitioner all of her life. She is what we refer to as a spirit hoarder. Her collection of entities and spirits is extremely vast. M sat as the High Priestess of The Sisterhood of the 7 Circles. She held this position for over 30 years! M specializes in custom conjurations, money spells, communication with spirits, & love spells.

Lady Dalila - She has more than 50 years of experience in the magick world. She is a world traveler and spirit seeker. Her specialties include Love Spells, Custom Cast Amulets, Communication with the dead, tarot, palmistry, divination, & conjuration.

Master Daha - Master D is the loving husband of Lady D. They have been the light in each others eyes for 36 years! He has 56 years of experience in the world of magick. His gifts are MANY. Just a few of his specialties include the transfer of entities/spirits, conjuration, communication with spirits, dream walking, astral travel, divination, & custom spell casting. Master D is one of our largest contributors as far as amulets & spirits go. His collection is extremely vast and ever growing.

Sister CoCo Sister CoCo is also a family practitioner.  She is another Spirit Hoarder with an amazing collection of Magickal & Entities, including many Dragons, Angelic Khodams, Djinn, Faeries, Demons & Unicorns.  CoCo also answers Metaphysical questions, especially when they have anything to do with Dragons, the whole Animal Spirit World and Felines, both domestic & wild.

Sister Hazel - Sister Hazel has been a member of our sisterhood for 22 years. She has worked white magick all of her life. Her specialty is protection magick. Many of our protection pieces come from her collection. Sister H is also a Keeper of the Fae. Her collection of the wee folk is by far one of the largest we have ever seen!

Grandmother Mae - Mae has earned the name Grandmother as she has 11 children, 47 grandchildren, & 14 great-grandchildren. Mae is one of our resident spell writers. When the situation calls for custom work, she is often the one to write the spell. She has been a professional spell writer for 70 of her 89 years!

Mother Willow - Willow has been a part of our ever-growing witchy family for many years. She is a unique psychic and has many wonderful gifts. In addition to reading tarot cards, she also has the gift of automatic writing. She utilizes her spirit guides and spirit family to bring through messages from other worldly realms. Willow is also an avid spirit keeper. Her vast knowledge of communication with spirits is just beyond compare!

Papa Moon - Though this is not his official title, he is best known as MM's father. He is a generational practitioner and has a very eclectic practice due to mixed heritage, lots of travel and several apprenticeships during his younger years. He practices a combination of dark and dual magick and often contributes his wares to SE.


** As time allows, we will be adding more information about our team of practitioners**



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