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Whether or not you decide to utilize an altar in your magick is up to you.

Should you chose to however, its important that you learn the etiquettes of having one.

First, be serious about having one. If you're going to use it, then make sure you're going to keep up with it.

An altar is a sacred space and should be treated as such. It should always be free and clean of dirt, clutter, and unnecessary items.

This goes for altars in general as well as those dedicated to a deity, ancestor, spirit, a specific type or tradition of magick, etc.

Many practitioners use their altar as a way of directing energy, will, focus, and intent. When your altar is cluttered and/or dirty it provides for difficulties not only during spellwork, but also with the deity, ancestor, or spirit with whom you are trying to create a bond/connection with.

A clean, well organized altar is a way of showing gratitude, respect, and also provides for more efficient magic.

Make a habit of cleaning up after yourself. Dust your altar. Wash your altar cloth (if it can be washed). Cleanse your tools after each use with a sea salt water mixture.

Having an altar is a responsibility but also, have fun with it. Make it into something that is all your own. Decorate it not only with this that represent your intent, but also with things that represent yourself. Make it personable. The more you love your altar and the things on it, the better it will aid you on your path.

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