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The 7 Lords of High Magick

There are 7 lords utilized in High Magick. Below you will find the 7 lord planets and their correspondences used in working High Magick.

Saturn - The Guardian of the Threshold

Principles: Inhibition, concentration

Element: Earth

Colors: Iridescent black, purple

Day: Saturday

Polarity: Yin

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Numbers: 3, 32

Tarot Cards: the World, the threes

Sephirah: Binah (understanding)

Chakra: Muladhara

Metal: Lead

Alchemical Process: Calcination

Deities: Cronos, Ceridwen, Kali

Archangel: Cassiel

Angel: Oriphiel

Planetary Intelligence: Agiel

Planetary Spirit: Zazel

Creatures: Tortoise, beaver, vole, crow, ant, termite

Stones: Onyx, jet, diamond, obsidian, black coral

Incense: Myrrh, spikenard, harmal, copal, aloe

Trees: Beech, holly, poplar, scotch pine, yew

Healing Plants: Equisetum, comfrey, heartsease, red root, uva ursi

Body Parts: Bone structure, teeth, tendons, joints, spleen

Body Functions: All hardening and aging processes

Mental Functions: Long-term memory

Malfunctions: Rheumatism, depression, lethargy, aging

Virtues: Discipline, sincerity, humility, perseverance, acceptance, wisdom

Vices: melancholy, crankiness, distrust, isolation, inflexibility, meanness

Keyword: Saturnine

Saturn is the guardian of the threshold between the material and the spiritual worlds; the gateway between eternity and the realm of time and space. It is the most distant and slowest moving of the visible planets. Saturn is where the descent into matter begins.


Jupiter - The Joybringer

Principles: Harmony, justice

Elements: Fire, air

Colors: Mauve, blue, purple, gray

Day: Thursday

Polarity: Yang

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Numbers: 4, 21

Tarot Cards: the Wheel of Fortune, the fours

Sephirah: Chesed (Mercy)

Chakra: None

Metals: Tin, zinc

Alchemical Processes: Sublimation, distillation

Deities: Zeus/Jupiter/Jove, Sobek, Math, Dagda

Archangel: Tzadkiel

Angel: Sachiel

Planetary Intelligence: Yophiel

Planetary Spirit: Hismael

Creatures: Whale, dolphin, fish, elephant, horse, eagle, water birds, bee

Stones: Sapphire, lapis lazuli, amethyst, turquoise, tanzanite

Incense: Myrrh, sandalwood, benzoin, gum mastic, cedar, fennel, nutmeg

Trees: Oak, ash, maple, horse chestnut, cedar

Healing Plants: Arnica, borage, lemon balm, sage, ginseng, comfrey, echinacea

Body Parts: Liver, arteries, digestive organs, buttocks, right ear, outer sex organs, feet

Body Functions: Immune system, sugar economy, energy conservation, cell formation, food assimilation

Mental Functions: Memory, humor

Malfunctions: Cancer, cirrhosis, stomach ulcer

Virtues: generosity, fairness, benevolence, mercy, compassion

Vices: Vanity, self-indulgence, greediness, materialism

Keyword: Jovial

Jupiter is by far, the largest of the visible planets. It has thirteen moons and its energies are carried to earth by the solar wind. Jupiter is the fire of nature and the warmth of all things.


Mars - The Warrior

Principle: Force

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Day: Tuesday

Polarity: Yang

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Scorpio

Numbers: 5, 27

Tarot Cards: the Tower, the fives

Sephirah: Geburah (strength, severity)

Chakra: Svadhistthana (genitals)

Metal: Iron

Alchemical Process: Separation

Deities: Ares, Tiu/Tyr, Bishamon, Nergal, all war gods

Archangel: Camael

Angel: Zamael

Planetary Intelligence: Nakhiel

Planetary Spirit: Bartzabel

Creatures: horse, fox, ram, robin, scorpion, all stinging insects (except bees)

Stones: Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, carnelian

Incense: Cyprus, aloe, tobacco, pine, red cedar

Trees: Thorn, pine, savin, cyprus, rhododendron

Healing Plants: Hawthorn, nettle, sarsaparilla, vomic nut, basil

Body Parts: muscular system, red corpuscles, sex organs, gall, astral body

Body Functions: body heat, blood formation

Mental Function: engagement

Malfunctions: fever, inflammation, high blood pressure, hemorrhage

Virtues: Courage, determination, passion, protection

Vices: Wrath, impulsiveness, ruthlessness, brutality, destructiveness

Keyword: Martial

Mars represents the intensely masculine, active, dynamic principle of life. Its effects are intensifying, accelerating, and violent.

As the god of war, Mars has the reputation of being a malign body at conflict with the other planets.


The Sun - The Lord of Light

Principles: consciousness, vitality

Element: Fire

Colors: Gold, red

Day: Sunday

Polarity: Yang

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Numbers: 6, 30

Tarot Cards: the Sun, the sixes

Sephirah: Tiphereth (Beauty)

Chakra: Anahata (heart)

Metal: Gold

Alchemical Processes: Coagulation, conjunction

Deities: Apollo, Helios, Bel, Ra, Mithras

Archangel: Michael

Angel: Raphael

Planetary Intelligence: Graphiel

Planetary Spirit: Sorath

Creatures: Lion, all cats, blackbird, yellow & orange butterflies

Stone: Ruby, tigerfs eye, amber, chrysolite

Incense: Frankincense, myrrh, copal, cinnamon, bergamot

Trees: Walnut, ash, citrus, laurel, juniper

Healing Plants: Chamomile, cinnamon, clove, eyebright, ginger, St Johns wart, rosemary

Body Parts: Heart, spine, solar plexus, eyes

Body Functions: Circulation, heat & energy distribution

Malfunctions: Low vitality, cardiac problems

Virtues: health, vitality, organization, power

Vices: Pride, egotism

Keyword: Solar

The Sun is the radiant heart of the solar system. Without the sun, there would be no life. As a planetary sphere, the suns influence is benign, but if overemphasized, it can engender pride, and self-centeredness.


Venus - Goddess of Love

Principles: Relating, art

Element: Air

Colors: Rose, emerald greed

Day: Friday

Polarity: Yin

Zodiac Signs: Libra, Taurus

Numbers: 7,14

Tarot Cards: the Empress, the sevens

Sephirah: Netzach (Victory)

Chakra: Vissudha (Throat)

Metal: Copper

Alchemical Process: Fermentation

Deities: Aphrodite, Sukra, Ishtar, Benten, Lakshmi, Chenrezi

Archangel: Haniel

Angel: Anael

Planetary Intelligence: Jagoe;

Planetary Spirit: Kedemel

Creatures: Deer, rabbit, dove, swallow, butterfly

Stones: Emerald, rose quartz, opal, jade, malachite, pink coral

Incense: Sandalwood, storax, galbanum, valerian, violet, rose

Trees: Apple, pear, cherry, elder, linden, chestnut

Healing Plants: Yarrow, ladyfs mantle, motherwort, vervain

Body Parts: Complexion, upper lip, throat, breasts, kidneys, abdomen, inner sexual organs

Malfunctions: Problems relating to sexual organs & kidneys

Virtues: Harmony, proportion, beauty, affection

Vices: Sentimentality, immodesty, tastelessness, sexual intemperance

Keyword: Relating

Venus is the planet of affectionate love, the muse of art, friendship and music. As ruler of Libra, Venus helps to mediate between opposites and to integrate diverse elements into harmonious balance.


Mercury - The Cosmic Messenger

Principles: Mediation, intelligence

Element: Air

Colors: orange, yellow

Day: Wednesday

Polarity: Yin/Yang

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Virgo

Numbers: 8, 12

Tarot Cards: the Magician, the eights

Sephirah: Hod (glory)

Chakra: Sahasrara (crown of the head)

Metal: Quicksilver

Alchemical Processes: Circulation, meditation

Deities: Hermes, mercury, thoth, quetzalcoatl, viracocha, kukulkan

Archangel: Raphael

Angel: Michael

Planetary Intelligence: Tiriel

Planetary Spirit: Taphthartharath

Creatures: Coyote, monkey, raven, ibis-fly

Stones: Opal, topaz, tourmaline, carnelian, peridot

Incense: Anise, lavender, gum arabic, storax

Trees: Hazel, acacia, myrtle, mulberry

Healing Plants: Wormwood, digitalis, mandrake, valerian, skullcap, parsley, caraway

Body Parts: Ears, tongue, nervous system, hands, feet, lungs, spinal cord, tyroid

Body Functions: Mental and nervous processes, hearing, speech, respiration, coordination

Malfunctions: Impairment of nerves and motor functions, speech impediments, dyslexia

Virtues: Communication, mediation, sound judgment, diplomacy

Vices: Trickery, coldness, stinginess, mental cruelty

Keyword: Mercurial

Mercury is the fastest moving planet and the quicksilver messenger service mediating between above and below. As a planetary entity, Mercury is androgynous, containing all opposites within himself. He is, therefore, a free operator, independent of a polar opposite.


The Moon - Queen of the Deep

Principles: Psyche, emotion

Element: Water

Colors: Silver, violet, royal purple

Day: Monday

Polarity: Yin

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Numbers: 9, 13

Tarot Cards: The High Priestess, the nines

Sephirah: Yesod (Foundation)

Chakra: Ajna (between the eyes)

Metal: Silver

Alchemical Processes: Conjunction, coagulation

Deities: Isis, artemis, diana, selene, cybele, arianrhod, astarte

Archangel: Gabriel

Angel: Gabriel

Planetary Intelligence: Malach Be

Planetary Spirit: Chasmodai

Creatures: Wolf, shellfish, owl, nightingale, nightjar, moth, spider

Stones: Moonstone, pearl, aquamarine

Incense: Camphor, jasmine, ylang-ylang

Trees: Willow, magnolia

Healing Plants: Caste tree, cleaver, opium poppy, periwinkle, watercress

Body Parts: Brain, womb, bladder, stomach, pancreas, body fluids

Body Functions: Menstruation, growth, fertility, glandular secretion

Mental Functions: Memory, subconscious, instinct, intuition, reflection, dreaming

Malfunctions: Psychosis, schizophrenia, lycanthropy

Virtues: Sensitivity, motherliness, benevolence

Vices: Moodiness, impressionability, hypersensitivity, defensiveness, envy

Keyword: Feeling

The moon rules emotions, instincts, and the subconscious. It is feminine, nurturing, reflective, and changeable. Everything that grows on the earth, does so in rhythm with the moon.

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