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Cloaking Energy - What is it & Why do Practitioners Utilize it?

If you look up cloaking in today’s magickal media, all you’re really going to find is mantra’s and spells on how to make yourself less noticeable. ie invisible. Though the definiton fits the term, that is not all that cloaking is.

Cloaking has a much darker, more sinister history than one would often suspect.

Back when magick was frowned upon; when people were killed for practicing witchcraft; when all witches were suspected to be in cahoots with Satan himself, cloaking spells were often used by practitioners to protect themselves, their possessions and their homes.

These types of castings started off as simple mantras and then, as torture and death became a very real scenario for practitioners of magick, they were strengthened and perfected.

The cloaking rituals that these witches performed back then cannot be found on the internet. In fact, they cannot be found in any published documentation. These types of castings were passed down through generations by word of mouth. So much of the knowledge and process of it all, if it ever really was perfect, has been lost.

In the last 60 or so years, with the creation of Wicca, and other new age eclectic witchy beliefs becoming more and more popular, witchcraft itself has grown into a huge money making industry. The trades that were once so secretive that only a few initiated and trusted collectors could attend are now presented in thousands of internet stores and venues for all the public to participate. Wares that witches were once tortured and killed for creating and/or utilizing are available to purchase by anyone who can afford them.

It’s a step forward in the evolutionary scheme of things that our ancestors would have never believed possible.

But with all of this progress, comes fear.

There is fear that someone more powerful than the caster themselves, will come along and steal the magick that they’ve worked so hard to create. So witches came up with a way they thought would prevent that. The cloaking process prevents any and all energy, whether natural, magickal, or entity/spirit related, from being sensed by peers.

But the problem with cloaking is that it is absolute. It cannot be created in such a way that one person can sense, feel and utilize the energy while another cannot. If a magickal, entity or item is cloaked. It is cloaked to all, even the practitioner that created or has a connection with the vessel.

If you’re a collector of entities or magickals and are sensitive to magickal and spirited energy, there is no way that you can tell from a photo on the internet what type of energy the magickal holds. You have to then go by what the dealer tells you in the description.

Even if you held the vessel in your hand, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether the vessel is empty or one of the most powerful pieces you’ve ever come across!

As a long-time collector myself, if I can’t feel it, I don’t want anything to do with it. I don’t have enough time to waste on hoping the dealer I am contemplating doing business with, is honest.

In today’s meta community, unless a practitioner is really unlearned in the craft, cloaking is not a process that is used. A dealer WANTS the potential buyer to make a connection. Without that connection, being a dealer is absolutely pointless. And let’s face facts, if a practitioner is that unlearned, they have no business dealing in the metaphysical!

Though, magickal theft does happen, it’s very rare.

Practitioners that have the power to “steal” entities and magickal energy from someone else, also have the power to summon, conjure and create their own magick. It’s absolutely unnecessary to steal it. Not only is it unnecessary, it’s a process that often goes against the moral codes of being a dealer.

Speaking for myself and the other sisters of SE, we don’t want someone else’s headache. We have a fairly large group of practitioners that work hard at creating their own wares, summoning their own entities, etc. Chances are, if one of us cannot do something or create something, another within our fold can. We’ve created a process and our elders hold us to certain rules that were created by the founders of our group years before any of us practicing now were even born. We work with our magickals and entities for a significant period of time in order to get to know them on a personal level. When we create a listing for something, it isn’t just a bunch of information typed up to make a sale. It’s information that we, ourselves, have obtained through the use of the magickal or entity in question.

Furthermore, the people that want to steal the magickal energy and entities created and/or utilized by someone else, usually cannot. They don’t have the knowledge or the power.

First, there are bindings to break…

Magickal bindings are a very important process when it comes to magick. They are used in nearly every aspect. When a witch casts a spell, that spell is bound to the person, object, location, or whatever it was cast on. Entities and spirits are bound to vessels.

There are literally, thousands of different bindings utilized by people of the craft. It’s impossible to know them all. Even with all of my years of experience, I can’t break every binding I’ve ever come across.

The potential thief would have to know the exact binding a practitioner used in order to break it. The time spent in trying to break another’s created binding could possibly equal the time it would take to create a similar magickal or summon/conjure a similar entity.

Second, the practitioner has to have a connection with the vessel, entity, etc.

Third, the practitioner would have to have the power and ability to not only remove the bindings remotely, but also the ability to re-summon the entity after it’s been unbound or transport the energy gathered from the vessel. Once unbound, an entity or spirit usually doesnt stick around. So then they must be sought out and either re-summoned or conjured, depending on whether they stayed within the physical realm or moved into one of their own realms.

There are a lot of factors to consider. Magickal theft is not easy. If a practitioner is powerful enough to do all of those things, then the practitioner has enough power to do their own work.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me explain how witchy people get around cloaking.

Like I said above, a lot of the knowledge that the old practitioners utilized in cloaking is unknown. Although there are many manuscripts that do explain how cloaking works as well as the users experiences with the rituals, the actual process was never written down. If it ever was, it has been lost with time or is hidden in some collectors safe. The cloaking that practitioners use now is nothing like the old practitioners used. It might be similar in some aspects, but no matter how hard we try, we cannot get the same results attested to in some of the old translations.

The cloaking spells used today are not perfect. Because they are magickal energy, a highly sensitive person can often feel them. Though they cannot feel or sense the energy that the cloaking hides, they can sense the actual cloak!

In addition, if cloaking is hiding an entity or spirit, a person with know-how can still summon an entity if they have the right information. All a person needs is the name and type of the entity/spirit in question. A summoning can then be performed.

A summoning does not equal theft – it doesn’t release the bindings keeping the entity or spirit bound. It merely calls the entity or spirit forth to gather information. A summoning does not break the cloak.

Summoning is not conjuration – it’s important to know the difference. A summoning can be utilized to call forth any entity or spirit residing within, or having bindings to, the physical plane.

A practitioner cannot “steal” your entity using a summoning alone. A practitioner cannot trap your companion using a summoning if the entity is already fully bound to some other vessel, location or person. A skilled practitioner, however, can use a partial binding to bind your companion to something or someone else IF the original dealer did not perform the correct bindings or used a binding that allows for an entity or spirit to be bound to multiple vessels at once.

Moral practitioners dont believe in multiple or partial bindings.

This is use of “partial” bindings is often utilized by shiesty dealers who sell the same entities and spirits over and over again to numerous collectors. In that sense, the same entity or spirit can then be utilized by several individuals at once, without having any real bonds with any of them.

In addition, when a formal summoning is utilized, the entity or spirit MUST respond. It’s just the magickal way of things. Though the entity or spirit doesn’t have to exchange or provide any kind of information, a practitioner can still figure out whether there is an entity or spirit bound to a particular vessel.

We do not utilize cloaking spells on any of our items. We feel that this is a dishonest way of doing business. Instead, we utilize protection castings and complicated bindings that prevent our wares and your companions from magickal theft.

Spirited Enterprise is a compilation of ethical individuals. We want you to know that you, as clients, are safe under our direction. We want you to know that you are safe working with us and safe in our sanctuary. Our utmost concern is not necessarily your happiness, but your safety. We all realize that we cannot please everyone all of the time. Though, we do try hard in that respect. We realize that there are things often beyond our control. But, what we CAN do is make sure that you, your family and your magickals are SAFE.


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