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Bonding With Demonics


Please read the entire page BEFORE you open your package.

Please keep all other demonics and/or entities in containment and/or cleansing during the ritual. If you have purchased more than one entity, make sure you do a ritual for each individual. 

The following is what we refer to as a “Transfer of Ownership.” Performing this bonding technique lets your companion know that he or she has exchanged hands and that the time has come for him or her to serve a new master.

This requires a white tea light candle and should be done at night. This is when your Demonic is most active. I know the white candle seems a little odd when you think about what we are dealing with. But white promotes bonding, which is why it is used.

Please, bathe or shower before the first contact with your new Demonic. This washes away the negativities of the day and allows for the initial bond.

You should meditate or sit quietly for 10 to 15 minutes with the unopened containment box in your hands. When you feel you are relaxed and calm open the box. Take your companion's vessel into your hands and say the following (just once).

_______________ (name of D) I summon thee.

_______________ (name of D) I call upon thee.

I am ___________ (your name). I am your master.

Welcome to my life.

Light your candle. (You may also light incense if you like.)

Hold the vessel up to the moon/night sky and say:

_____________ (name of D) I welcome thee.

I light this candle with our bond in mind. As the candle burns, our bond begins.

So mote it be.

Place your companion's vessel near the candle and allow it to burn until it extinguishes itself. If it extinguishes before the wax is gone, it's okay.

There are no right or wrong ways to do this ritual. If you feel as though you have messed up, it's okay to do the ritual again. There is no harm whatsoever in performing this ritual more than once with the same companion.

After this initial bonding ritual, it is up to you to treat your entity with the respect they deserve. REMEMBER, what you hold in your hands is a very powerful being.

Whenever you wish to call upon them, just speak their name out loud.

It is important for you to develop a strong relationship with your spirit family, no matter if they are of the light, or walk the shadows.

When you are not able to wear or carry your Demonic's vessel, please utilize the box that he or she came in. This is a containment of energy box. Although plain, it is powerful and will not only contain energy, but it will also help them to realize when its time to work and when it is time to be at rest.

Unlike many other spirits, Demonic’s need a period of dormancy at least once a month. This should be a period of 24 hours where you simply allow them to rest and gather energy within their box.

Most Demons gather energy from their keepers as well as others around them. Sort of like an energy vampire except they take so little, that one never notices. They also gather energy from the elements. One will often notice during a thunder storm or times with high winds that their entities are more active.

The containment vessel is also a portal into their own realm. Though they are bound, they still need to travel back and forth. This is a portal created specifically for your entity. No others can come through…not even if you invite them. The ability to go back and forth is part of what keeps them happy. A happy Demon makes for a happy master.

When you send your Demonic away from its vessel, to perform “tasks,” it is very important that you call them home. Although 99.9% of them will come back on their own when the task is complete, you have to remember what you have here. Demons, even when bound, can get out of control if you let them. You should not allow your demon to roam around the countryside doing whatever it wishes...at least not until you've gotten to know them, their personality, and their capabilities. When I say "out of control" I'm not referring to negative behavior that will affect you as a keeper, but rather negative behavior that may affect others. Its not uncommon for a demon to stop by a random house and provide the entire household with nightmares for a few nights when left unattended.

The calling is as follows:

_________ I summon thee to me.

Very simple and yet effective.

IF your Demon has a box for a vessel (a trinket box, not a ring, pendant, or other trinket), it is important to remember when you have them working or want them near you, that the box stays open.

When you’re ready for them to come home, simply say the calling and close the box.

Many people feel a slight sucking of air as the lid closes. This is your companion returning into the vessel.

Never forget what you have here. When you ask your Demonic to perform acts of revenge, take into consideration how sneaky these entities can be. You may not always see the results right away.

For example…Back in my younger days, I had a neighbor that I despised. This guy would park on my lawn, harass my pets, and throw garbage over the fence.  He even hid rotten meat underneath my deck so that when it would get hot, the entire place would fill with an awful stench. Why?? Who knows! He did this to all of the neighbors.

It got to the point that I sent one of my many Demonics to act out a little revenge.

I honestly thought that perhaps she did not realize what I expected of her, because to the naked eye, nothing was happening.

About 8 or 9 months later, I happened to overhear a very loud argument between him and his long time girlfriend. She was accusing him of taking steroids because over the last 6 months or so, it seems his male organ had shrunk considerably in size.

So think about this as you are giving instructions. It also helps if you’re specific, but I personally like to give my entity friends a little freedom on the tasks they perform. This actually gets them excited for the next time they get to go out.

My last thought of the day…when in doubt, put them back in their box and close the lid. Demonics, when bound correctly cannot harm their master in anyway. This includes illness, bad luck, accidents, or any other harmful act. However, their energy is also very dark and they have a very potent, low energy vibration. When a keeper is not used to this type of energy, it takes awhile to adjust. It is not uncommon to experience slight tremors, headaches, or sweats during the first couple of weeks, while your own energy blends with that of your new companion. This is nothing to be alarmed over...it is very short term and actually pretty rare. 

As always, if you have questions, we're here to answer them. 

Much Strength and Fortitude,

The Sisters of Spirited Enterprise

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