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Common misconceptions about demons and possession

First, nothing, and I mean nothing, is set in stone when it comes to the otherworlds and the entities that reside within them. All of the knowledge that is presented to the public, be it from a practitioner of magick, person of the church or demonologist, is merely a collective guideline. No one person has all of the answers regardless of experience and knowledge.

Just because an entity has demonic tendencies or a demonic personality that does not necessarily mean that it is a demon. Lots of otherworldly beings can be considered “evil” and most entities, regardless of race have the capability to possess humans and cause havoc in the physical realm.

If you’re not actually dealing with a demon, it can be very exhausting try to figure out what it is that you’re dealing with and how exactly to get rid of it as there are different practices for different types of entities.

Demons do not always make themselves known as most exorcists claim. In fact, most are extremely inconsistent and only make themselves known when they want to. They can lie in wait for a VERY long time…years even. This is true in both human possession/attachments and possessions/attachments involving locations.

Not all possessions are involuntary. As crazy as it sounds, it is quite common for magickal people to allow entities, especially demons, to take over their bodies either for a specific time frame or for a specific task. I’m not promoting this kind of behavior, nor am I saying that it is an intelligent decision. Nevertheless, it is a fact. Be careful when evaluating a possession that this is not the case or you’re going to have one very ticked off entity and its human counterpart.

Not all demons are evil or have an ill intent towards mankind. On occasion, an exorcist may come across a possession where the entity is merely using a human’s body to hide or even to rest.  In these instances, it is highly unlikely that the entity’s presence is causing any kind of negative energy or conflict. In fact, in these instances, the person probably did not even know they were possessed except at the direction of a psychic.

One cannot attribute all negative energy, negative otherworldly experiences or streaks of bad luck to demons, possession or otherwise. Nor can one attribute negative occurrences on spirits. Shit happens. It happens to everyone.

Not all demons are born in “hell.” Demons born within the hell realms are called “hellborn” by practitioners or “hell spawn” by new agers.  Then you have the lower realms. Demons born within this realm are usually called lowborn. It is important to realize that demons can be born and reside anywhere, in any realm. Even within the physical realm. Demons born outside the hell and lower realms are usually called otherborn. Though were they are born does have some significance on how they were raised and general dispositions, it is important not to apply that knowledge to all demons as every entity is an individual.

Not one demon looks like another. Remove any preconceived depiction that you’ve seen in books about demons.

Some have horns. Others don’t.

Some have hooves. Others have human-like feet or animal like feet.

Some have claws, some don’t.

Some are hairless while others are completely covered.

Some of the females have human-like breasts. Others have sets of teats.

Some are beautiful. Some are horrifying to look at. Others are cute as cute can be.

Not all demons look demonic.

And not all demons will show you their true form. Most are very skilled shape-shifters and can appear in whatever form they choose.

 When working with demons on any level, dont be afraid to take your time. Do look outside the box. Above all else, if you're unsure, ask a professional.



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