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Charging a Crystal

When you charge crystals you're basically giving them the chance to refresh their ability to focus and expand their energy. There are several reasons to do this.

1. Sometimes after you've cleared a crystal its energy may seem a little dull or flat.

2. A crystal which hasn't been worked with for a while may also feel this way.

3. If you notice that a crystal has become cloudy you may want to both clear and activate it.

4. If you want to program a crystal for a special purpose, before you program it you may want to activate its energy for that purpose.

Charging Methods

1. Place crystals in the reflected light of Austrian crystals, i.e., where the rainbows from such crystals fall. (Note: Austrian crystals are leaded glass, hence human-made crystals). The crystals can remain in place for as long as the Austrian crystals are reflecting sunlight.

2. Place crystals on a quartz cluster. Quartz amplifies the energy of any crystal with which it is in contact.

3. Crystals can also be activated with sound. * Put a crystal near a single-note chime and strike the chime gently 
several times. This has a harmonizing effect on the crystal.

* If you like to chant and make it a regular practice do so in the presence of your crystals, especially if you want to use them as part of your meditational practice.

4. Your thoughts can have an activating or de-activating effect on crystals. If your thoughts have been gloomy and you've also been noticing that your crystals have gotten cloudy or dull, you'll realize that they've been absorbing your negativity. In this case do not delay in cleansing them thoroughly.

To activate crystals with your thoughts you could hold them in your hands and visualize them bathed in light and love. You can also tell them (either silently or aloud) how much you appreciate them. They may not understand the words (and, then again, they may), but your intention will be clearly transmitted.

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