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How To Make A Dream Pillow

To encourage special dreams and promote certain types of sleep (sound, healing, etc), one may want to create a dream pillow.

You can be as fancy or as basic as you like. Although a 12 by 4 inch, handmade pillow is the most comfortable, if you're like me and cannot sew a fancy stitch to save your life, you can simply use a handkerchief and after rolling your herbal creation within, tie both ends secure with ribbon and stitch up the overlap.

OR, if you want to reuse a commercial dream pillow, simply cut the stitches from one end, fill with your own conconction and sew back up.

A standard dream pillow uses apx 8 to 10 ounces of dried herbs. You can use as many different types as you wish, but do be sure to try and balance out your intent.

Next, you will want to gather your herbs. Use the list below as your guideline.

You will want your pillow to be as smooth, loose, and as flat as possible so if necessary, grind the herbs using a motar and pestle. Get them to the point where they are softer and powdery so that they are easier to manage.

You can use essential oils to provide frangrance if you wish but do be sure that after mixing in the oils that the herbs are completely dry before placing in your pillow or they will rot and smell acrid. This decay is more likely to promote disturbing dreams.

Add a single drop or 2 and allow to dry. If you desire more scent, add another drop and allow to dry. Continue this process, one drop at a time until the desired scent is reached.

The simplest dream pillow is filled with mugwort alone.

Mugwort intensifies dreams, making them linger so that you're more likely to remember them as well as encourages clairvoyance and spiritual protection.

Dream Herbs

Alecost - Promotes contact with the Earth Mother

Angelica - Provides prophetic dreams, visions, and protection
Anise - Repels nightmares, increases psychic potential and promotes erotic dreaming. A tiny amount of anise seed goes a long way!
Bay Laurel - Provides prophetic dreams, creative inspiration, spiritual protection, and inspires confidence.
Bee Balm - Promotes a restful sleep.
Black Mustard Seeds - Repels night-demons and other malevolent forces.
Calendula Blossoms - Promotes sound & peaceful sleep, physical healing, and soothes nerves.
Catnip - Promotes romantic dreams and restful, sound sleep (do not use with cats in the house)
Chamomile Blossoms - Provides romantic and financially inspirational dreams, spiritual protection, and sound sleep.
Cloves - Initially, the scent of cloves is stimulating but after continuous inhalation, it produces relaxation and deep, restful sleep. Cloves also promote psychic and erotic dreams and spiritual protection.
Henna - Promotes good fortune, protection, fertility, grounding, links to the Earth Mother and Fire Angels, romantic and erotic dreams.
Hops - Provides peaceful, healing, and sound sleep.
Lavender Blossoms - Peaceful sleep, sweet dreams, and communication with the dead.
Lilac Blossoms - Access to past life memories and the healing of broken hearts.
Linden Blossoms - Promotes inspirational dreams, sound and restful sleep.
Mullein - Protection against nightmares
Peppermint - Encourages dreams of the future
Purslane - Provides protection against spiritual dangers.
Rose Petals - Promotes erotic, romantic, and psychic dreams. Rose also eases grief, provides protection, promotes healing, and is beneficial for premarital, premenstrual, and premaopausal states.
Rosemary -  Some find that rosemary is too stimulating for sleep so only use a tiny bit at first and experiment from there. Provides mental stimulation during sleep and is excellent for students. Also promotes romantic dreams and provides spiritual protection.
Saint Johns Wort - Promotes psychic healing, stimulates psychic power, provides spiritual protection, and soothes stress. It also strengthens resolve and is beneficial for those battling addiciton.
Spruce Needles - A Shoshone carm used to prevent illness and also provides deep and peaceful sleep.
Vanilla Bean - Promotes romantic and erotic dreams.
Vervain - Promotes pleasant dreams, protection, sound sleep, financial inspiration, and romantic dreams.
Wormwood Root - Protection, romance, psychic enhancement, and encourages communication with spirits.

Recipe's for Dream Pillows

Insominia Pillow

4 ounces of dried hops

2 ounces of dried rose petals

2 ounces of any one of these herbs: calendula, cowslip, or lavender blossoms


Prophetic Dreams Pillow

4 ounces of dried peppermint leaves

4 ounces of dried rose petals

A few drops of sandalwood essential oil


Astral Projection Pillow

4 ounces of dried mugwort

4 ounces of dried Dittany of Crete


Dream Oils

Bergamot - Soothes nerves and aids in peaceful sleep.

Coconut - Spiritual protection, romantic dreams.
Frankincense - Encourages deep, rhythic breathing, soothes worries and stress, provides spiritual protection, and calls in powerful spiritual allies.
Gardenia - Romantic and erotic dreams, psychic protection 
Heliotrope - Healing, prophetic dreams, financial inspiration
Hibiscus - erotic dreams, prophetic dreams 
Honeysuckle - erotic dreams, psychic dreams, and used to access buried memories. Will also aid in forgetting lost love and lessens destructive nostalgia
Hyacinth - provides spiritual protection, soothes disturbing dreams 
Jasmine - promotes romantic and sensual dreams, invigorates the libido, and provides spiritual healing 
Juniper - Provides protection, assists in accessing buried memories, promotes healing on all planes
Lavender - promotes sound sleep, peaceful and romantic dreams
Mimosa - prophetic dreams, provides a shield for those who are psychically and emotionally vulnerable
Mugwort - intensifies the entire dreaming process
Myrrh - promotes erotic dreaming, offers spiritual protection, and has a soothing, healing effect
Neroli - provides peaceful sleep, protection, and eases stress 
Rose - relieves stress and tension, allays grief, heals a broken heart, and provides romantic dreams
Tagetes - stimulates erotic dreams and encourages communication with spirits