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Crone VS Hag - What is the difference

Both the “HAG” and the “CRONE” come to us in many different forms from many different traditions.

Although the term “Hag” is often used interchangeably with the term “Crone” when it comes to spirits, they are 2 completely different things.

A Crone is the name given to a wise, female human spirit. The crone almost always passes late in life and even in death, takes on the form of an elderly woman.

A Crone often carries motherly, attentive, and nurturing qualities.

The Crone is also, ALMOST always, a magickal spirit with a desire to teach.


There are so many different forms of the Hag.

The British give us “The Old Hag.”

The Irish and Scottish give us Cailleach, the hag goddess of weather, creation, and harvest. The Scottish also have “The Storm Hags,” or The Cailleachan, who are destructive elemental forces.

Atropos, of the Three Fates is almost always depicted as a Hag.

The Persians give us Bakatak, a hag with similar qualities of the British Hag.

The Boo Hag comes from South Carolina

Peg Powler, Jenny Greenteeth, and Nellie Longarms are all water or river hags, and are usually used in conjunction with other horror stories of drowning to keep kids away from the water’s edge.

Regardless of which tradition the Hag comes from, the one thing that they are best known for is sleep paralysis, or “Hagridden.”

So what exactly can a Hag do for us as human companions?

They’re an extremely revengeful spirit that can, surprisingly, be a very dedicated and loyal protector of an entire household or family.

They need not be coddled like some entities/spirits but rather prefer to be left alone to do their own thing.

They spend a lot of time getting to know the members of a household by simply observing and being close.

They are well known for their dedication and loyalty to the women and children of a household or entire family.

It is thought, however, that many cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be attributed to a Hag. Most practitioners believe that either the family or member of a particular family has wronged, bullied, or in other ways, hurt a child within the family that the hag watches over and that Hag's follow the "eye for an eye" philosophy.

Therefore, when most summoners/conjurers, or at least those with morals, bring a Hag into the human fold, they then bind the ability to cause sudden death.

That being said, they can still cause illness that could eventually lead to death.

One must be very cautious when bringing this type of entity into their fold. Make sure your purchase is from a reputable dealer and dont be afraid to ask questions.

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