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The Types of Energy Used in Magick

Most people dont realize that there are different types of energy that are utilized in magick. Below is a list of the different types

White Light - This energy is the basis of white magick. It is most commonly used to heal, and is tapped into through pure and radiant thought.

Entropy - This energy is the basis of any dark magick. This type of energy seeks to tear apart and reconstruct what Is. It is a force that dissolves and influences change. It is very negative and is normally associated with curses, hexes, and revenge. Anger and rage are the fundementals utilized in accessing and fueling this type of energy

Life force - This energy goes by many names. It is the energy that is used by Reiki healers in their workings, and is best known for healing properties. This energy is the positive influx of ''living'' energy of the soul, the literal essence of life itself. To use this energy effectively one must be at one with the self and at peace with life.

Psi - This energy is the power of the mind alone. Energy generated here is the easiest to manipulate and has very close ties with each and every other type of energy. Focus and mental discipline, as well as sheer willpower, is used to access this energy.

Elemental - This energy is the balance of life and death. Elements are present in every part of life, and possess the ability to give life or take it away. They act in harmony and are always poised to be balanced naturally. To be attuned to these forces, one must be able to replicate a sense of the element you are using. To Be the Essence of it, more so than to simply Feel it.

Death Essence - Death Essence is unforgiving and harsh to wield. Its very nature brings us closer to our own mortality, and through it we will find a greater understanding of the cycles and of the soul.
Death essence is present, in varying amounts, in each being that is mortal or capable of dying. Death essence can only be generated by those that are willing to accept their own mortality and are willing to delve into it. This energy is mostly used for interaction with the dead, and particularly nasty curses, hexes, etc. To use this energy, one must know the Feeling of Death.

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