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Boosting Boxes - What Are They?


Over the last few weeks, we've received a ton of questions regarding boosting boxes.

I hope that this article answers all of them.

Boosting boxes are magickal boxes that are created by gifted casters in order to "boost" the power and energy level of entities, spirits, and magickals.

In addition, because of the extreme amount of energy these boxes hold, most, if not all, have the ability to infuse objects such as jewelry, trinkets, stones, etc with cosmic energy which attracts positive luck, energy, and influence to the bearer.

There are 5 common types of boosting boxes.

1. human spirits only

2. entities only

3 spirits and entities

4. magickals only

5. spirits, entities, and magickals

A gifted and experienced caster may create 2 to 4 boxes at a time  using a combination of moon magick, sun magick, and high magick OR a combination of moon magick and folk magick, depending what type of magick the caster is experienced in and what he or she feels comfortable using.

Because there are very specific times that the energy used in creating these boxes is at its fullest, they can take anywhere from several months to a year to create depending upon the magick used and the type of box being created.

Now, what do they do??

They increase the magickal power and energy of your spirits, entities and/or magickals by a significant amount. Some people say 10 times, while others say 100 times. And really, the increase is so significant that its hard to tell.

How do they do it??

They cleanse the vessel and/or entity/spirit of all of the negativity its gathered. This in itself gives the magickal a boost. Then it empowers the magickal energy the piece/spirit/entity holds with a powerful, universal energy.

This boost lasts anywhere from a week to a month, depending upon how long you leave the piece within the box. Practitioners estimate that 24 hours = 1 week of power.

These "boosts" can bring about more consistency, greater results, quicker results, etc.

In addition, they can give "sluggish" or shy entities/spirits a great bit of confidence and that boost of power and energy that they need to get their work done as well as boost communication, manifestations, etc.

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