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How to Care for Your Spirits & Entities


With all spirits, entities and magickals, there will be a period of adjustment when the energies are introduced to a new atmosphere.

This adjustment period usually lasts about 14 days. For some, less sensitive individuals, this period  may be longer. For those who are extremely sensitive to metaphysical energies, there may not be any adjustment period at all.

Things you can do to help this process are:
*Cleansing your home of negative or excess energies before your spirits arrival.
*Meditating with your spirit a few times a week to strengthen the energy merge.
*Wearing and/or carrying the vessel that the energy is housed in as often as possible.
*Communicating with your spirit/entity.

There may be times when you experience light headedness, upset stomach, headaches, hot or cold flashes, mood swings, or general imbalance. These are pretty common side effects when working with new energies. Simply remove the new magickal for the remainder of the day. The following day, work with them periodically, for short amounts of time for as long as it takes for your energies to balance out.

If you find yourself acquiring more than one magickal at a time, work with each one individually for a few weeks to allow for a deeper bond.

Do not use harsh chemicals when wearing or working with any magickal or spirit. Things like Bleach, ammonia, wax strippers, paint thinners, etc. These chemicals can cause the magickal energies to become offset, basically rendering your magickal powerless. Most spirits do not like the residue left behind by such chemicals and will not return to their vessel, leaving you with an empty trinket until that residue is gone.

Using certain fragrances, essential oils, incense, colors, soaps, and candles may also help promote things like bonding, showing appreciation, communications, changes in behavior, etc.

Above all else, treat your spirits with respect. Include them in your day to day activities. Even when there are times that you may feel you aren't communicating as well as you would like, make an effort to make them feel like they are an important part of your life.

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