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Charging Entities & Spirits - Is it a Necessity?

Charging Entities - Is it a Necessity?

Yes and No…

Entities and spirits do have the ability to gather energy through the various cycles of nature as well as from nature itself.

The sun, the moon, thunderstorms, high winds, snow storms, trees, stones, etc. all provide different types of energy that are readily available to your companion. They utilize these energies constantly.

However, charging and cleansing boxes have been an important part of working with entities and sprits since long before you or I ever walked this earth. These magickal boxes also gather and replenish their energy from all the universal and natural energies around them.

The difference between the natural process and using a charging/cleansing box is that the process is sped up exponentially. An overnight stay in a well-cast magickal box is the equivalent of 7 full days under a full moon (depending on the practitioner, of course).

Why do entities and spirits need to be recharged?

First, their vessels collect negativity. Everything collects negativity. In many instances, this build up cannot always be cast off the vessel by the entity or spirit in full. Instead of removing the negativity in stages like your companion does, a box removes it all in one swoop. A clean vessel makes for a happy companion.

Second, the physical realm is not your companion’s natural habitat. They need a constant influx of energy to maintain their own energy, their well-being and their happiness. Energy to a spirit/entity is comparable to food for a human. It is absolutely a necessity. “Feeding” your companion the energy that they need (or lack) keeps them at their fullest energetic potential at all times.

Adding various gemstones to your charging boxes can also be a way to aid your companion in gathering specific types of energy. I suggest using our “Metaphysical Gemstones” article to see what types of energies each gemstone gives off. Then, determine which of those energies your companion already has OR which energies your companion could use more of and store small samples of those gemstones in their charging/cleansing box or in their nesting place with them.

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