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Blending with magickals

Many people believe that upon obtaining a magickal that mysterious and wonderful things should happen immediately. They expect the magick to come into play just like out of the many fantastic fantasy movies we see coming out as of late.

This is not the true way of genuine magickals.

Upon casting and binding magicks to an amulet, supernatural energy as well as the imprint of the caster is left behind. Thus being said, when a magickal comes into contact with it's new keeper a bonding of the two seperate sets of energies must occur in order to utilize the magicks laid upon the amulet.

This bonding can take anywhere from three days, to two weeks, or even a full year. It all depends on many variables. Some potential variables are included below:
The number of spells present
The receptiveness of the new keeper
The amount of time the amulet was in transit
The dormant charging days of some rare hard to find amulets
The list of variables could go on forever.

A good rule of thumb about our magickals is that two weeks after it's arrival, your magickal will be acclimated to it's surroundings. Due to the powerful nature of these items, you will want to begin the bonding process immediately.

If you feel faint, light headed, dizzy, or edgy, even irritable while you have the piece on, take it off immediately. Rather than wear it non-stop for the two week period, wear it an hour or so a day, then tuck it back in it's pouch or a charging box for the next session.

Know yourself, and your sensitivities. Go with the amount of time that feels comfortable to you. You are still bonding with the amulet and it is nothing to be worried over or ashamed of if you cannot wear the amulet full time at first. We cast our amulets at the strongest possible potency at the correct time of day, moon phase, as well as planetary alignment when applicable. They are meant to be powerful and well made, so you may notice sensitivity when you are in contact with a True magickal.

We try to list the attributes of each amulet in full. This helps in the bonding process. It gives you, the new keeper, an active role in working with the magickal during bonding.

You can bring more attributes of the spells into play after the two week bonding period simply by sitting quietly and meditating on the attributes that you wish to utilize.

Remember, have fun, keep an open mind, and be prepared for magickal opportunity to unfold.


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