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Why We Cannot Ship Oils Overseas

Many household items can’t go in the mail.
Hazardous materials come in a wide variety of forms and can be chemical, biological, radioactive, or a combination thereof.

The Postal Service's definition of a hazardous material includes many common household and consumer products. They may not be dangerous on your shelf at home, but they can become a hazard when shaken or when the temperature or pressure changes.


Class 1:


Fireworks, ammunition, fuses, model rocket engines, automobile air bags

Class 2:


Aerosols, hairspray, scuba tanks, compressed gas containers, lighters, butane, propane

Class 3:

Flammable Liquids

Fuels (gasoline), items that contain or used to contain fuel (lighters, propane cylinders, used gasoline tanks), some paints and inks, furniture varnishes, perfumes

Class 4:

Flammable Solids

Matches, signal flares

Class 5:

Oxidizers and Organic


Oxidizing liquids, swimming pool chemicals, peroxides

Class 6:

Toxic Materials and Infectious Substances

Insecticides, pesticides, pepper spray, infectious substances, sharps, patient specimens

Class 7:

Radioactive Materials

Scientific instruments, products requiring a radioactive warning label

Class 8:


Bleach, ammonia, batteries, drain cleaners, mercury, oven cleaners

Class 9:

Miscellaneous Hazardous


Magnets, dry ice, self-inflating lifesaving devices, lithium and lithium-ion batteries


The oils we use in magick are subject to DOT Class 3 hazardous material 
shipping regulations because they have flash points lower than 200°. 
Due to temperature fluctuations, they can explode which may cause harm 
or even death to the carriers and other people handling the mail.

Nothing within the above classes can be mailed overseas!!

Persons violating these law are subject to fines, imprisonment, or other severe penalties.




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