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Working with Difficult Entities

Its just a fact, entities can be difficult to work with at times.

They can be arrogant, stubborn, and "all mighty," and yet, nice, co-operative, and respectful.

It can become frustrating, but we must keep in mind that they are going to be emotional and have mood-swings, much like we all will.

We are working with another being. They are not going to do exactly what we want, how we want it, and when we want it, 100% of the time.

Its important to realize that much of their attitude will depend on how you approach them and what kind of relationship youfve built with them.

Earning their trust and respect are the first things you need to do. By doing so, you will end up with a very close relationship with them as well as an improved understanding of their intimate make up: their moods, emotions, what they like and dislike, what they care about, their past, etc.

Some suggestions to utilize when working with entities:

Don't ever call upon an entity and start ordering them around. Treat them like you like to be treated. Give them the respect as equals and not servants.

Don't ever attack an entity that you have called. You called them; they didn't call you. This means verbally, psychically, and astrally.

Entities are very intelligent. They are smarter than you or I will ever be. Don't try and pull a fast one over on them or try to trick them into doing something they normally wouldn't do.

Entities tend to communicate in fragments, riddles or symbolism during the first 2 to 3 weeks of bonding with their new companion. Get a notebook. Write down everything you hear, see, feel, etc while working with your new spiritual companion. Look back often to see if certain elements of these "fragments" fit together.

The symbolism that they use comes from YOU. Do NOT look up meanings in books as you will be getting the wrong picture.

If you feel uncomfortable with a certain entities presence or actions, carefully and politely explain your concerns to them. They will understand you and either change their behavior or the energy that they give off.

Watch what you ask for, they take things literally and without mercy

Realize that entities are not human. Their thought processes are different than ours and we may simply be not understanding what they are proposing or they may be working on a different moral system.

If you feel that you've obtained an entity that is difficult to work with, there are some steps that one can take in order to rectify the situation.

Start over.

Place your entity into containment for 3 days.

Upon removing them, redo the welcoming ritual.


Begin your bonding by using the glimpsing technique


Continue bonding with your entity for an entire 2 weeks. IF, when that 2 week mark has passed and you feel that the bond between you and your new companion is not quite where you would like it to be, continue with the glimpsing technique for an additional week or 2; whatever feels comfortable to you.

Be diligent. Don't give up. And get stubborn if you have to.

Everyone is different.

Each person, as an individual, is more or less sensitive to various energies. If you find that a specific entity or type of entity is not working for you, don't be afraid to try something else.

Not everyone is meant to work with a specific type of energy. For whatever reason, you may have developed an immunity of sorts or a blockage to specific energies.

For example, if you feel that demonic energy is not your forte, try draconic energy or the magickal energy of amulets. Start out small and work your way up. ONLY you know what works for you.

In addition, only buy from dealers that you trust. Don't be afraid to develop a relationship with your dealer. Ask questions. Take notes. Make a pros and cons list.

Is your dealer reliable in communications? Does it sound like they know what they're talking about? Is the information that they give you LOGICAL? Do they seem ethical in what they do?


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