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This method of divination has been around for an extremely long time. It is known that it was practiced in China long before the habit of tea drinking was adapted by other countries.

It is actually a very simple method and takes only a few moments to do.

1. Make your tea using a white cup and saucer and your choice of tea leaves. You may even use the store-bought tea bags (with leaves) by cutting the bag open before the steeping process.

2. Have your subject (or yourself) drink the tea until there is just a couple sips remaining.

3. Have them (or yourself) take the cup in their left hand and swirl the remains around three times in a clockwise motion.

4. Gently place the cup upside down upon the saucer in order to get rid of the excess liquid.

5. Take the cup in your hands and interpret whats left.

*If a trace of liquid remains, you can forecast that tears will be shed within the next 7 days.

*If no liquid remains, it is a sign of good news.

Now concentrate on any shapes you see within the cup.

*If you see a number, it usually denotes a period of time. (2 would mean 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years)

*If you see a ring within the cup, along with a number, it denotes a wedding or an engagement that will take place within that time frame.

*If the tea-leaf formations are towards the top of the cup, then a predicted event will happen soon.

*If they are at the bottom, then months or even years may pass before they happen.

*Look out for any letters that you see, as these give indication to the initials of someone whom may be involved.

Some common shapes that you may see and their meaning:

Acorn - A pregnancy. Look for an initial nearby, as this may indicate who is involved.

Airplane - Unexpected journey, but you will be given some warning.

Anchor - Denotes changes in your career, these will be to your advantage, but there will be initial setbacks.

Angel - You may hear of news that some-one is very ill, & you may need to spend some time looking after them.

Anvil - You will hear of a marriage that no-one expects to work, but it will, as the woman involved in this partnership will be a tower of strength.

Apple - Your wishes will come true, especially if this involves matters of the heart. You could also receive a tempting offer.

Archway - An enemy will hold out the hand of friendship & help you to over-come your problems. A permanent relationship could be formed.

Arrow - Career prospects will improve, maybe after receiving a letter or phone call. This is a good sign for financial transactions.

Axe - Restrictions recently placed on you will be lifted. Be wary of a two-faced woman that enters your life at this time.

Balloon - be careful of over-confidence, as your future will look so good that you may take risks that eventually result in losses.

Basket - Look forward to unexpected good fortune. If you act on the information that you receive, you will be rewarded financially.

Bat - Don't make new plans at this time. Think about your intentions & you will see the pitfalls that other-wise you would have missed. You may be troubled by nightmares at this time.

Bear - An older person will be willing to help you understand your problems.

Beetle - You have money luck. A small gamble could pay well.

Bell - If this is at the top of the cup, then you will receive some welcome news which may cause a dramatic change to your affairs. If at the bottom though, unpleasant mail will come by post.

Bird - If the bird is flying, then it means hasty news. If it is perched on aSomeonebranch, than plans that you've already made may have to be scraped.

Bird's nest - You will have more security in the near future due to a member of family. You will receive welcome news regarding a child.

Bluebell - Somone close genuinely cares for you, so don't listen to the gossip!

Boat - You will benifit from some-one elses actions, but you may have to change plans!

Bomb - Domestic trouble may affect your work, & superiors wont be understanding!

Book - If it's closed, the end of a relationship. If open, then you will learn to understand a loved-one more, or your relationship will improve.

Buckle - You may be forced to defend yourself against someone who challenges your actions & if an agreement is reached - then a partnership may be formed.

Bull - Matters close to the heart will begin to show promise & problems will disappear.

Butterfly - You may be accused of being a flirt & this could cause arguments with a member of your family.

Cactus - This is a time for courage & perserverance. You know what you want & how to get it, so don't give in to other's demands.

Cake - You will be invited to a celebration, if this appears at the bottom of the cup. If at the top, then it will be you who will be doing the entertaining.

Candlelabra - You will be attracted to a musically minded person that enters your life. This person may also solve a problem thats caused you anxiety for a while.

Candle - A new friend will show you how to really enjoy yourself.

Cannon - Someone in uniform will call at your home. This may worry you, but a friend will stop you from panicking.

Cap - Be careful in dealing with a member of the opposite sex, as their motives may not be as honourable as you might think!

Carnation - You will dream about someone who has recently died & you will feel very close to that person afterwards.

Chain - If the chain is broken, then you could lose something of value. If unbroken, then your career prospects may improve.

Cherry - A symbol of love & luck. You may become involved in a secret love affair.

Christmas tree - Emotionally - better times are coming. Someone may give you a gift which will speak from their heart.

Church - You may gain advantage from someone else's misfortune.

Claw - Remarks made to someone you know to be an enemy will be used against you!

Clock - You are wasting your time on worthless projects, now is the time to re-assess your position & your aims.

Clover - You'll eventually prosper in life & achieve your ambitions & if it's a four leaf clover - then it will be soon!

Clown - An enjoyable invitation will come, but don't completely trust the other person, as they may deceive you!

Comet - A sudden happening will bring about changes to your life.

Compass - You are at a cross-roads, a change of direction now will benefit you in the future.

Crescent moon - A friend will give you welcome guidence, follow their advice & you'll get what you want.

Cross - You will have to make sacrifices to make headway with an idea

Crown - Your talents will at last be recognized, possibly through a mistake by another.

Cupid - An unexpected invitation could involve you in a romantic relationship.

Daffodils - Someone of the opposite sex thinks more of themselves than you do & if you let them have their way, then there'll be chaos as well as excitement.

Dagger - Do not trust anyone ( even friends ) at this time, keep secrets to yourself.

Daisy - You will receive information that solves a mystery involving a friend.

Deer - A good omen. You'll emerge victorious over someone with whom you constantly argue & disagree.

Devil - Don't let anyone place temptation in front of you, as they appear to be looking after their own interests.

Dice - If you're involved in gambling or discussions about money, then thing should work out beneficially.

Dog - A friend will come to your assistance & give you some of the best advice you'll ever receive.

Dolphin - You'll face up to an unexpected emergency, thanks to the assistance of others. You will receive some very exciting news regarding children.

Donkey - Have more confidence in yourself. Decisions you made recently will prove to be correct.

Dove - Peace & happiness. Your wishes will be fulfilled. You will hear good news about the health of a close friend.

Dragon - Dramatic changes to your life through the actions of others, but the results will be favourable.

Dress - An item of clothing on its own denotes that someone will leave your scene & take up residence elsewhere.

Drum - You'll receive an invitation from a secret admirer, other's will warn you against this person, but don't listen to their gossip.

Duck - You will receive some very sound financial advice from a reliable friend.

Eagle - Someone of influence will be impressed by your efforts & you'll reap the reward.

Ear - News you hear will be shocking, but interesting! & it could solve a mystery.

Eel - A secret enemy will come out into the open & criticize something you have done.

Egg - An unexpected letter you receive may give you the opportunity to make some extra money. Someone will come to you with news of an unwanted pregnancy.

Elephant - Small sacrifices now will pay dividends in the future. You will also have discussions regarding a new partnership in either business or pleasure.

Ewe - Don't do anything for the sake of peace or on impulse as much indecision will surround your life.

Eye - You're future could be in the hands of others, but you may be deceived! It will be up to you to sort out what is good & bad for you.v
Face - If this matches someone you know, then you'll hear news about them. The expression on the face will tell you if it's good or bad news.

Fence - You will have to face up to the obligations & responsibilities that up until now you have refused to accept.

Fern - You'll visit a new place for the first time & you could fall head over heels in love with someone.

Ferret - A very annoying person is maneuvering you into a position of embarrassment.

Ferry Boat - You will either meet with, or hear news of someone who went out of your life many years ago & much reminiscing will take place.

Fir tree - You may soon receive a nice gift, but you may never know who sent it.

Fire - Hasty news is on it's way, & when it reaches you - think before you act!

Fish - A fish in a tea cup means GOOD LUCK! particularly in personal relationships which should show a dramatic improvement.

Fist - A clenched fist means that a close friend is trying to guide you, but you wont listen!

Flag - You will be forced to stand up for something that you believe in & air your views in public.

Flowers - An invitation that you receive & accept will turn out better than you could ever have dreamed of.

Font - You'll be speechless when you hear of a birth, but please keep your feelings to yourself.

Fountain - Be optimistic - joy, happiness & satisfaction are on their way!

Fox - Take care when signing papers, especially if there's money involved.

Frog - Nothing should be left to chance, seek professional advice after receiving a tempting offer.

Gallows - Think again! You appear to be going in the wrong direction for the wrong reason.

Garden - A new love affair that could lead to marriage.

Gondola - Travel & romance are highlighted, an exciting period is about to begin.

Grapes - Do not get carried away by a smooth talking person that enters your life, enjoy yourself - but don't go to extremes.

Guitar - You'll go looking for adventure & will be pleasantly surprised by what turns up.

Gun - Accusations will come from many quarters regarding your recent behaviour, but don't accept unjust criticism.

Hammer - You'll show great strength when faced with a challenge & a friend or colleague will eventually make an apology.

Hand - Means that help is there for the asking, but you'll have to make the first move.

Harp - A sign of unity. A love relationship will grow from strength to strength.

Hat - Your intended plans will work out successfully, even your mistakes may work out to your advantage.

Heart - If upright, then you'll have strong desires for someone ( or vice versa! ). If upside down, then a clash of personalities leading to disharmony.

Helmet - Someone will try to restrict you & make demands that you think are unreasonable.

Hen - What you think is valuable information when you receive it will turn out to be useless, so don't act on it.

Holly - Events that happen around this time could prove to be a turning point in your life & you'll be at a crossroads that you never thought you would reach!

Horn - News that you have been waiting for will arrive & it will be better than you thought possible.

Horse - Indicates a faithful & loyal friend who will help you in every way possible.

Horseshoe - You will visit an unusual place & attract good luck, also a hint of romance.

House - Aspects of your life that up 'til now have been unsatisfactory will now change in your favour. If a number is near a house then it will indicate when it will take place.

Iron - A time to smooth out differences of opinion & create a better domestic atmosphere.

Ivy - Unlucky omen. Loss of some kind due to someone you trusted too much.

Judge - News about a court will come. An important decision you make will have far reaching effects.

Kettle - Indicates happiness & harmony in family affairs. Changes for the better around the home are imminent.

Key - In some cases this indicates a change of house. You'll embark on a new venture that will bring more security.

Kite - Be quick to seize opportunities, as there are no second chances!

Knife - Sharp words you exchange with someone will clear the air & make for a better relationship.

Ladder - A sign of prosperity. Success in new business ventures likely.

Lamp - A happy gathering at your home will take place in the near future, although uninvited guests will show up.

Lemon - A colleague who bears you a grudge is looking for revenge, be careful.

Leopard - You are attempting the impossible in trying to change a partner.

Lines - If unbroken, then a good sign. Trouble looming if they're broken.

Lion - Represents someone in your circle who could upset your plans & cause all kinds of conflict.

Luggage - All round changes. You may have to make a hasty journey to assist someone.

Medal - You will receive reward for past efforts that now bear fruit.

Monkey - Someone will intentionally try to undermine your confidence, this is so that they can benefit from your indecision.

Mouse - The only way to over-come your problems is to face up to your responsibilities now.

Nail - Attend to a minor ailment that you suffer from right away, so that it doesn't lead to complications later.

Necklace - A surprise engagement will be announced.

Net - Problems that you have just now will seem impossible to over-come, but a newcomer that you are introduced to will offer you some very useful advice in deed.

Nurse - A relative or close friend may suddenly fall ill. This may cause you to visit a hospital, however, this illness may not be as serious as first thought.

Oak leaf or Oak tree - You will prosper through a modest inheritance.

Oar - You appear to be heading in the wrong direction regarding plans, change course now before there's no heading back.

Padlock - Don't let a family member try to put restrictions or ties onto you without putting up a fight first.

Palm tree - Someone within your immediate circle wants to be romantically linked to you, this person could have more to offer than you realise!

Panther - A big disappointment could force you to change plans. A friend has let you down & there is a danger that you will never trust them again.

Parachute - A lucky sign. Something you learn at the last minute will stop you making a big mistake.

Peacock - Do not boast about things you've achieved or a jealous friend will bring you back down to earth with an unpleasant bump!

Pen - Attend immediately to something you've been putting off that is distasteful.

Pig - Time to get priorities right or someone will cause you difficulties when they refuse to assist you anymore.

Pipe - Someone from outside the family will step in to play peace-maker & harmony will reign.

Pyramid - Indicates vast improvements in your life, & suggests that you will achieve something that no-one thought possible.

Queen - Represents a very important person who will guide & advise you in your career.

Question mark - Do nothing unless absolutely sure what you are getting yourself into.

Rabbit - You can look forward to a hectic social life. Also, someone whom up until now was only a friend, could flatter & compliment you.

Rainbow - Indicates excellent career prospects. A surprise from a partner or loved one will make you very happy.

Rocket - News of a birth, also new opportunities coming which could make your bank balance healthier.

Rose - Has a lot of meanings, but all are to do with happiness & prosperity. If you're single, then it could mean a proposal. If married, then it could mean a birth of a child, or a new business venture.

Scales - Indicates that you are/ will be torn in two directions regarding someone, Don't let others sway you from doing what you think right.

Scissors - Those close to you will be awkward &you may have to use very hurtful words to get your message across.

Shell - An outsider will come to you & give you hope over something worrying you & eventually justice will be seen to be done.

Snake - Signifies misfortune, which is normally brought about by someone working in the background who has only their own interests at heart.

Star - A very good omen. Indicates that the health of yourself or someone close will dramatically improve.

Swan - Your hidden desires could become reality, in a most unusual way!

Table - Indicates discussions about joint money matters & an agreement may take some time.

Telephone - You'll receive an important call which will enable you to go ahead with plans for the future.

Tiger - Others will intervene in your affairs, but you'll get what you want much faster than by your own!

Torch - A regal, but domineering, person will fight on your behalf over an injustice done to you.

Umbrella - You'll be protected from outside influences by someone in the household who'll put themselves in danger to help you.

Vase - When other's tell you to change your mind, listen to what they say & you'll reap the benefits.

Volcano - Someone in your social circle ha unintentionally let out a secret & trouble will erupt.

Wheel - Indicates a change of heart. You'll go from one extreme to the other, leaving everyone confused & bewildered by your actions.

Windmill - Everyone will see just how much ability you have when you achieve something that even you though impossible.

Wine glass - A big celebration is near, but you'll have mixed feelings about attending this.

Wishing well - A good symbol to see, the person having the reading will have a wish come true.

Yacht - You'll receive a surprise gift, but you may have to keep it a secret, or you will hurt someone's feelings.

This list of symbols is by no means exhaustive. You may see a symbol in the tea-leaves that is not mentioned here. If this is the case, trust your instincts! Deep inside you know it's meaning