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Graveyard Dirt & Its Uses

Most people have no idea that there are different types of graveyard dirt and that really, the intention of your spellwork should dictate where your dirt comes from.

The following is a generalized list of the different types of dirt and what its good for.


Abused : Dirt from the grave of a person who was physically or emotionally abused can be useful in giving strength and will to remove either yourself or someone from an abusive situation.


Adolescent (from ages 11 to 19) : This dirt is known to cause and promote inattentiveness and irrisponsible behavior.

In particular, dirt from the graves of those who are ages 17 to 19, make a good additives in spells where you want to promote interest in another person, romantic involvement, romantic gestures, promote sexual attraction, increase lust, and increase sexual appetities.

There is nothing like budding sexuality to bring about all things sexual and romantic.


Cheaters : Dirt from the grave of a cheater works well for bringing about love triangles and promoting urges to cheat.


Child (from ages 2 - 10) : This type of dirt is a wonderful aid when the appearance of child-like innocence is necessary. It also works well for aid in developing new friendships.

Gathering dirt from a poor childs grave for use in spellwork will also aid in acquiring basic necessities (a home, food, etc).


Doctor or Nurse : This dirt can be used either to promote healing or cause illness, depending upon the intent of your casting.

Elderly : This dirt is particularlly useful in situations where wisdom, knowledge, and know-how is necessary.


Executed : The older the dirt, the better in this case. Dirt from the grave of someone who has been executed can be extremely powerful in matters of revenge and causing harm.


Gambler : If you know, for a fact, that the gambler was good, then this dirt can be used to increase luck, better odds, and heighten intuition.

If you are unsure of whether or not the gambler was lucky or not, the dirt can be used to promote someone into taking unnecessary risks.


Infant : Dirt from an infants grave can be useful in spells of fertility, to ensure that someone becomes totally dependant upon you, or when you need to appear indispensible. Also because a baby's vision is somewhat blurry, this dirt can be useful when you need someone to cast a "blind-eye" to something that you're doing


Lawyer / Judge : This dirt should be used to assist in winning court cases, settlements, etc. It is also helpful when injustice is an issue or when you're rights are being voilated.


Mentally Disturbed / Insane : To cause insanity, mental instability, etc.

WARNING: When collecting this dirt, do remember that you're dealing with the spirit of someone who was obviously mentally disturbed.


Murderer / Killer : The older the dirt, the better in this case. Dirt from the grave of someone who has taken human life can be extremely powerful in matters of revenge and causing harm.

WARNING: Do be aware that incorporating this type of dirt into your magickal practices can even cause DEATH!


Murdered : This dirt is very useful in matters of injustice or wrong-doing.


Pet : Dirt from the grave of a personal pet can be useful in matters of the heart, loyalty issues, and protection.


Practitioner of Magick : Literally, dirt from the grave of a practitioner can be used for anything.


Nun / Priest / Pastor : Used in situations where spiritual guidence and spiritual protection are needed. Also used on occasion to convey the appearance of goodness and innocence to the outside world.


Solidier : Used for bravery, strength, quick thinking, and getting someone to obey or follow orders, rules, etc.

Its important to use common sense here. Try to choose a soldier that you think (or know) believed in the kind of cause that you're trying to obtain.

Also, dirt from the graves German soldiers from Hitlers era make great additives for anything occult related as Hitler was into all things occult.

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