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Casting Cloth

The claim that cloth will hold magick forever is an internet myth perpetuated by many dealers.

Cloth can hold magickal energy. However, it will only hold that energy for a few months from the time it was cast. The average is about 3 months, but it could be a bit more or less, depending on the type of cloth, how often you’re handling it and how much energy was put into it.

Now, the question is, WHY?

The composition of cloth changes very rapidly due to our natural environment and handling.

Just a few things that attaches to cloth:

Oil from our hands

Dead skin particles

Anything we put into the air of our homes – cleansers, fragrances, pesticides, cigarette and cigar smoke, smoke from candles and incense, air fresheners, etc.

Dust particles

Pet Dander

Threads and particles from other cloth/clothing

Tiny mites that live in the air

Just to name a few.

If you’re touching the cloth or exposing it to any kind of environment, which is impossible not to do, the composition of the cloth is constantly changing.

When the composition of the “vessel” changes, it changes the way the energy adheres to, and within that vessel. Eventually, the composition changes so much, the original energy has no way of “sticking” and rapidly dissipates until there is nothing left.

Like I said above, the entire process takes roughly, 3 months.

That’s why, when a practitioner chooses a vessel, they normally try to choose something that is resistant to these environmental changes – metal, protected/stained wood, gemstones, resins, plastics, etc.

So if you’re contemplating the purchase (or have already purchased) a magickal bag that transfers energy from one vessel to another or a bag that charges and cleanses vessels, etc. just remember, it’s only usable for a short time.

In addition, as these composition changes are taking place, the magickal energy changes as well so these things may not even be safe to use within a few weeks time. They may transfer only part of the energy or may leave your entity/spirit companion bound to 2 vessels at once.