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Recipes for Magickal Waters

Sometimes you come across a spell that utilizes magickal waters. Below are recipes for the most common.

Take a bottle and fill it with Spring Water, add a black onyx or obsidian into the bottle of water. Place outside During the 3 nights of the New Moon (the night befor, the night of, and the night after). After this time, cap the bottle. This water should only be kept until the next New Moon, when any remaining water should be givin back to the earth, and a new batch made, if desired.

On the night of the full moon, take a jar or bottle of water outside and set it where the light of the Full Moon will shine on it. Ask the goddess to bless the water. Leave it outside overnight basking in the rays of the Moon. At dawn, go outside and take the jar and cap it tightly. When the next Full Moon comes, Give the remaining water back to the earth and make up a new batch, if desired.

WATER OF TRANQUILITY This is sometimes used in ritual consecration. Crush 1 1/2 oz of white rose petals in 16oz of spring water. Let the rose petals steep for three days, strain and bottle the liquid.

Place cut nails (old fashioned ones with the rectangular cross section) into a jar and add water. Close the jar and allow it to stand for a week or two until the nails have begun to rust, then add more water and reclose the jar. Open the jar occasionally so that fresh air can continue the rusting process. Use a little at a time the water has a rusty tinge to it. This water should be stored in a cool place.

Add 1 drop gardenia oil, 1/2 drop lavender oil. and 1 drop cucumber oil to 2oz high-proof vodka or rubbing alcohol. Bottle, cap and store in a safe place.

To 100mls of distilled water, add 20 to 30 drops of your preferred essential oil. Allow to stand in a dark cupboard for up to 30 days, strain through coffe filter paper and you have your water ready for use.

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