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MM's Corner

The Gancanagh - Love Talkers

Posted by Mother Moon on July 13, 2014 at 11:55 PM

I received a request the other day that totally freaked me out! Someone asked if we carried Gancanagh fae. I emailed back in a frenzy, “Why in the hell would you be looking for one of those??” The person replied that they had seen sellers on the internet selling them as entities of love.

I almost choked!!

The Gancanagh, or Gean Cánach are also known as “love talkers” in Scottish and Irish traditions.

Some stories speak as if the Gancanagh is a single being - others, an entire race.

Unfortunately, it is the latter that is true.

The Gancanagh are widely known for thriving on desperate, emotionally deprived human beings; especially women.


There is an old poem that goes:

“Beware the tunes that touch your heart.

The Gancanagh will play the soul

Beware, sweet lass, don’t crave his art

He’ll pierce your heart and leave a hole.”


It’s true, they are gorgeous entities. To see one is a magnificent, heart-skipping experience. Everything about them is intoxicating. Not only do they look good but they smell good too. They’re highly intelligent, smooth-talking and sexual.

They stalk their targets. They listen to their innermost thoughts and desires. Whatever it is that that person desires most, then that is what the Gancanagh becomes.

They often possess people that meet your desires to use them in their game.

When the Gancanagh is done with you, what he or she will leave behind is a broken heart - one that is left wanting and never fulfilled. No matter how many men or women come and go you will find yourself insatiably addicted to the one that got away.

Chances are the person that they possessed will want nothing to do with you leaving you forever denied in love.

And sure, you can bind them but that doesn’t mean that they will love you or bring good things into your life. In fact, one of the reasons that SMART practitioners do not bind them at all is because they often keep true love away from their keepers and even destroy already existing relationships as they are highly jealous of potential competition.

So…in short. I do not care what other sellers advertise. The Gancanagh are bad seeds that should never be planted.


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Reply Moon
12:33 PM on November 9, 2014 
Prophetess: I just came across another seller who are selling them as grey and dark arts entities and the warnings are there and at least one tip regarding how to control them if they get out of hand. That is probably not enough for people who have no experience of anything or anything other than 'white' entities.

Since I came across this other website and out of curiosity have been reading through it, and I just came across these fae, and I remembered MM had something to say about them.

So, absolutely MM, thank you for taking time out to warn us about these entities, that may seem harmless to people who are new to spirit keeping and are not aware of the dangers and pitfalls.

Reply rainy_rainy
11:50 PM on July 18, 2014 
That makes me wonder if the one I'm into was possessed by a Gancanagh lol Joking :P
Reply aleena
10:34 AM on July 16, 2014 
Ive never heard of these entites.
Very interesting..
Reply MommaL
12:16 AM on July 15, 2014 
So sad that they could destroy your love life, pesent and future. Thank you for educating us on what they are really like. I hadn't heard of them before, glad that I didn't fall into that trap before I found SE!
Reply Prophetess
12:15 AM on July 15, 2014 
Thank you for letting us know. SE is the only place I purchase my entities from. I'm happy you educate us and help us become aware of dangers like this. I would never think there is a fae out there that have that kind of power. I really hope other sellers are not selling them.