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Posted by spiritedenterprise on April 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM

Being an internet dealer for so many years, one sees a lot of things and people come and go. I’ve seen a lot of change, both good and bad.


One of the worst changes, at least to me, is the total lack of pride online pagans put into their work. Now, I’m not saying all pagans, but rather…most.


I get emails all of the time from people asking for custom amulets. A lot of times, that request comes with a link to an ebay listing. It never ceases to amaze me what people will say in order to make a buck.


Every time I read one of these listings, my mind sees this:


I’m the high priestess/priest of a huge coven. I am all powerful. I see all and know all. This offering contains a million spells or a thousand entities and belonged to some long dead billionaire. You will become rich, famous, win the lottery, be an all-powerful psychic and master of witchcraft. All of your dreams will come true.You get all of this contained within this cheap $3 piece of crap, costume jewelry that is guaranteed to fall apart within 30 days and turn your finger green. And the cost is only $19.99!


Sounds like a metaphysical infomercial to me.


Honestly to pete, every time I read one of these listings, I just want to scream. Even if this were all true (which, you know it isn’t), what kind of true Pagan would do this???


There is no way a real witch could re-create something like this for that kind of price. Its absolutely impossible.


I’m sorry, but I put my heart and soul into every magickal I create. When I come up with the right set of castings in order to create an amulet, it takes me days, sometimes even weeks to choose the right piece of jewelry for my magick. I don’t want some cheap, gold plated piece of crap. I want quality and something that can be passed down from generation to generation. I choose my pieces based on, not just quality, but the attributes of the piece itself – I make sure the gemstones and precious metals will mingle and merge well with the castings and/or entity I’ve chosen.


In most cases, the vessels I choose cost around $60 to $90 – and that’s average. Sometimes it’s less, but often times, the cost is even more than that.


Then I choose the herbs and other correspondences that will aid me in boosting my magickal ability and the energy I put forth. On average, the cost for the herbs used in a single spell is around $12.


And then I cast – For a single triple casting, the time I put forth is around an hour.


Most of my basic amulets contain a dozen castings.


So let’s just take a look at the figures.


$75 for the vessel. $144 for the herbs. 12 hours of my time @ minimum wage is $90.


So now you’ve got around $309 into a basic amulet.


Most of the time, I donate the hours that go into an amulet and only charge for the cost of the piece and the materials used as that has become the way of the internet marketplace.


Though I am, in most cases, willing to donate my time, I am not willing to donate the financial means that I’ve put into something. If I did that, I’d be in the poor house.


As it is, 99.9% of the magickals I sell, I barely break even in the monetary sense.


So looking back at that ebay listing for $19.99 – do you really believe that someone is putting any energy or effort into that? I think not. Even if you are getting a “real” magickal, you’re looking at castings done half-ass, at best.


What happened to Pagan pride?? If you’re going to create a magickal, for heavens-sake, do it right.


And if you’re going to buy a magickal, use common sense. You absolutely get what you pay for.


If you want dime-store quality, keep shopping on places like ebay and with sellers who have no pride in what they do.


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