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Black Magick, Demons, and other Maledictions for the greater good?

Posted by spiritedenterprise on August 25, 2011 at 12:35 AM

The Wiccan motto of “Harm None” sounds great, doesn’t it? It would be a great and moral motto to live by, IF, everyone followed it. But sadly, that is just not the case.


There are situations where abiding by this motto is more detrimental than it is moral.


A better motto for magick, in my opinion, would be, “All is fair in love and war.” Its fitting and definitely applies more to everyday life.


If you hit me, you had better be prepared to be hit back...and probably twice as hard. Why? Its not because Im a bad person or because I want to harm someone else. But if you think for a moment Im going to let someone harm me or someone I love when I am perfectly capable of doing something about it, you're wrong. And in the end...you'll learn a valuable lesson. You cannot go around hitting people...


Life is about lessons.


Lets look at harm, revenge, and paybacks from a different perspective.


When someone intentionally causes you harm; whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, magickal or otherwise, are you really supposed to sit back and just…take it??


What does that prove? What good comes out of that??


Lets use a physical example…

Say someone comes up to you, out of the blue, and punches you in the face, kicks the crap out of you and runs off with your purse/wallet.

Ok, so you call the police and file a report, etc. But the thief is never caught. Now what?

Lets say that you were capable of defending yourself and chose not to. Do you honestly think that by laying down and letting this guy kick the snot out of you, simply because you don’t want to hurt a fellow human being, that you are doing something for the greater good of mankind?

For some people, things like this are extremely traumatic and it affects them their entire lives.

At night, they lay in bed wishing things had gone differently. In their mind they conjure up dreams of standing up for themselves, hitting back, and winning. It’s a “good over evil” scenario.

In daily life, they start to lack confidence and eventually, even if only in certain aspects, they become timid and scared.


Did “Harm None” have any benefits when it comes to this situation? I think not.


Now, lets look at the criminal.

By laying down and letting this guy get away with this, what good came of it?


All you did was teach this guy that he can get away with things like this and in the future, he will do it again.

And what if…what if, the next time, he kills someone??


Harm none?? Are you kidding me?


Perhaps, if you had stood up for yourself and hit back, this guy would think twice about doing this again. Perhaps…if you had fought back and gave this guy the ass-whopping he deserved, someone else wouldn’t have to experience what you just did!


Next, lets look a mental example…

Lets say you work with someone who is extremely verbally abusive. When you make a mistake or do something in a way that she doesn’t approve of, she flips out.

She calls you worthless, stupid, etc.

And you know, if this person does it to you, she does it to others.

Lets just say, that you chose not to do anything about it. You’re following the moral code of “harm none” so you don’t say anything at all to this woman. You just let her say whatever she wants.

Deep down, the things she says, really bothers you. It starts to affect your self esteem and your confidence in your work.

Do you see anything good coming from allowing her to act this way?

Now, lets imagine that she has a child and that she treats this kid the same way she treats you.


Harm none?? Really??


Perhaps, if you stood up for yourself and put this woman in her place, she’d learn a lesson. She might learn that she cant talk to people this way. And perhaps...just perhaps, she'd change the way she treats people.


Sometimes, this whole scenario of “harming none” doesn’t work. It doesn’t do anything good for anyone. Not for you. Not for them. And certainly not for the other people in their lives.


Life is about lessons. Sometimes you’re the teacher and other times, you’re the student.


It’s the same with magick.


I’m not saying that you should go and utilize a gaggle of demons or cast a hex of all hexes in order to destroy someone’s entire life. That’s not it at all.


But I don’t think that you or I, or anyone else, as humans, should sit back and do nothing either.


If you can use a little black magick or demonic persuasion to change someone’s behavior for the better, a lot of good comes of it. Not only for the individual themselves, but for everyone they encounter.


Even if you’re simply affecting one individual at a time…think about it.


If you could change the pattern of one school bully, think of how many kids would have a better school experience and in general, a better life. Sure, he might get a good ass kicking but he’d be a better person for it.


If you could persuade one stingy, uppity, old millionaire to donate funds to a good cause…a school playground, a disaster, a church, a charity, etc. Think of all the good that would come of it. And yes, that person would be forced to give up some of their hard earned stash, but, in doing so, that donation would make him a better person.


If you could teach one abusive wife-beater a damn good lesson on what its like to be tormented like he torments. Think of how that would change that person for the better. Think of how much better his families lives would be!


If you were able to teach one thieving, lying, cheating ass man what its like to have his heart broken into a million pieces. Think about how many women (or men) whose hearts you would save from permanent scaring.


If you could use magick to make sure that one child molester or one murder would be put behind bars for the rest of their life, why wouldn’t you do it?? Think about how many children and/or people you would save. Even if it was just a single child or a father or a mother…everyone is someone to somebody.


If you could change any one of these things…wouldn’t you??


If its Karma you’re worried about…

Fine. Believe in Karma.

But if you think for a moment that any karmic relief is going to come because you stood by and did nothing when you saw something or experienced something that was harmful and downright, wrong, you’re mistaken.


Rewards come to those who do good…this is true. But distinguishing what is right and what wrong, what is good and what is evil…there’s a line there. And sometimes that line must be crossed. Sometimes, that line is crossed and the result is something that creates a snowball effect and not just one good thing comes of it...sometimes, the result is many good things.

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