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There is no question of whether or not we can communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Its simply a matter of how you go about doing so.

What is EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena?

Basically, itfs a recording of a voice, or what seems to be, and sounds like one, without any apparent physical source. Believers in EVP contend that these sounds come from spirits, ghosts, entities, etc while skeptics claim they come from radio or television interference or are simply clusters of static and white noise that are imagined to be something they are not.

Can spirits actually have a voice?

The theory is that EVP recordings are not actually a physical voice, but rather a magnetic images imprinted on a recorder; the energy that a spirit brings into the physical world and/or leaves behind, not actually the voice itself.

There are three categories used to define EVPs: Class C, where the voice or voices are whispery and nearly unintelligible. Class B, where the voices are a bit louder and clearer, but still difficult to understand or interpret. Class A, where the voices are perfectly clear and can be heard without headphones.

EVPs are only heard upon playback of the recording, not during the recording itself. They are normally limited to a single word or short phrase. They may be in a variety of different languages and as grammatically different as any type of human speech.

For examples of EVPs, simply surf the web. There are literally thousands of examplesceverything from comedic to downright creepy!

How to record your own EVP

Youfll need some very basic equipment. All of this stuff can be found at your local retailer.

*A recorder - I like digital recorders because they are easy to use and you can go through the recorded files, if there are any, without having to listen to hours of blank tape.

*A small microphone - In my experience, the built in microphones tend to pick up a lot of background noise making actual EVPs too hard to interpret.

*Headphones - I like to have a pair of good, high quality headphones available so that I can shut out all outside interference while listening to the EVPs Ifve managed to catch.

Next, select an area. It can be an area that is known or is said to be haunted OR even your own home.

Start off simple: What is your name? Do I have friends in the spirit world? Is there anyone that wishes to talk to me?

That kind of thing.

You can get as elaborate with your questions as you like, but take into consideration that the answers you may receive may be single word responses.

Go into each EVP session with a positive attitude. Be respectful of the spirits even though you may be a bit skeptical.

And most importantly, donft give up! You may not catch an EVP each and every time you try it. Be patient and I can guarantee you, one day, youfll catch something astonishing!

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