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Dirt in Santeria Tradition

Dirt from various places are used in the Santeria tradition to create amulet bags, mixes to use in spellwork, and so many other things. Below is a list of the most common types of dirt and what they are used for.

Dirt from 4 corners:

Dirt collected from the 4 corners of any location is mixed and utilized in charm bags to overcome obstacles and to open the road to success.

Dirt from the Mountains:

Dirt collected from the mountains is used in rituals to promote communications with spirits that reside in that specific area as well as cleansing spells.

Dirt from the Forest:

Dirt collected from the forest can be used in spells of protection as well as in rituals to promote communications with the spirits of that specific area.

Dirt from Prisons or Jails:

Dirt collected from Prison or Jail property can be used in spells of justice as well as to keep a specific individual incarcerated or to promote the release of an individual.

Dirt from a Police Station or Sherriff’s Office:

Dirt collected from these locations can be used to create dusts which are then sprinkled on the property of those who are committing acts of crime in order to bring a swift end to the acts that they have or are committing. This can be used on neighborhood drug dealers, child molesters, illegal immigrants, thieves, and so much more.

Dirt from Banks:

Dirt collected from bank property is often used in money and prosperity charms and/or rituals/spells.

Dirt from an Indians Grave:

Dirt collected from the graves of Native Americans is the perfect additive for spells and charms of protection. It can also promote a connection between you and your Native American Spirit Guide.

Dirt from Churches:

Dirt collected from 4 different church locations can be used in cleansing spells and ritual work.

Dirt from a Witch:

Dirt collected from the home or property owned by a witch is universal. It can be used in all kinds of spellwork and charms in order to promote power, domination, control, harm, revenge, love, psychic abilities, consistency, opening opportunity and so much more. Do pay attention though, if the witch you’ve collected the dirt from is a black magick practitioner, you can bet that that dirt is more potent in works of a gray or darker nature. Dirt from the home of a “good witch” will be more potent in lighter and “good” works.

Dirt from a Santero (Santerian Priest):

Dirt collected from the home of a Santero is the perfect additive for spells of protection.

Dirt from a Palero (Priest of Palo Mayombe):

Dirt collected from the home of a Palero is normally used in spells that involve promoting harm or conflict.

Dirt from a Court House:

Dirt collected from outside a court house is used in spells and charms to bring victory in court cases.

Dirt Collected @ Noon:

Any dirt collected exactly at noon is good for use in spells and charms of protection.

Dirt from a Race Track, Casino, Property of a Bookie, etc:

Dirt collected from any of these locations is a great additive in spells and charms of money, prosperity, and gambling.

Dirt from the Beach:

Dirt/sand collected from a beach is great for fertility and cleansing charms and rituals.

Dirt from a Rivers Edge:

Dirt collected from the edge of a river correlates with Oshun, the Goddess of love and marriage, therefore, its usage pertains to love, marriage, and relationships.

Dirt from the Bottom of Shoes:

Dirt from the bottom of one’s own shoes is utilized in spells of domination and harm.

Dirt from the location of where 2 dogs have fought:

Dirt collected from the location of where dogs have fought is used in spells of conflict.

Dirt from a Hospital or Clinic:

Dirt collected from hospitals and/or clinics is used in spells of healing.

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