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Mantras In Magick - Why Rhyming is Important

When performing a spell or ritual, the overall flow of the act is important.


Once you get started, you’ve got a lot of things going on -

You’re raising & directing energy. You’re adding emotion to your work.

You’re performing the corresponding parts of the ritual - dressing and lighting the candles, lighting the incense, creating your poppit, using your tools, what-have-you.


You’ve got to be able to put equal concentration on all of these things at the same time in order to get the best results.


You don’t want to muddle through it and that’s what happens when your mantra is a hodge podge of this and that. Muddling makes for a stressful energy and the last thing you want is to add chaos to the focused energy you’re trying to put out.


So when writing or choosing a mantra for your casting, it should rhyme. It’s easier for the mind to comprehend a rhyme. Though the goal of the caster is to do a spell without reading it, It’s easier for you to read a mantra without mistakes when it rhymes. It is also easier for you to remember the mantra and command it into being when the overall flow of the words rhyme and make sense at the same time.


In addition to all that, most mantras are repeated over and over again during the course of the entire spell. So you want something that comes through your mind and out of your mouth easily.


I know you can get all kinds of mantra’s on the internet. I've read them. A lot of them are absolutely horrible and unworkable in a real ritual setting.


If you’re just starting out and are unsure how to create a spell from beginning to end, I suggest going out and getting a book of spells from your local Barnes and Noble. Find a spell that you’d like to do - take the ritual part from the book and create your own mantra to go along with it.


Make sure that your mantra goes along with the overall goal of the spell you’ve chosen.


Here are a couple of short, concise mantra’s that you can use as a guide:


Casting off the evil eye -

For this person that looks down on me

Blind their eye so they cannot see.

Remove their power so it cannot be.

Return the curse, 3 times 3.



Bind my lovers heart to mine.

Make him love me all through time.

Make him true and make him stay.

Make him want me every day.

Join our minds and souls as one.

For him there will be no other. None.

For we are what each other seeks.

In his heart he will forever, me, keep.

Make this man my long life mate.

Make it happen. Make it fate.


Truly, writing a mantra is an art and one that is often time consuming. Don’t get frustrated. If you can’t think of something, come back to it later. Write your mantra when you are in a clear, creative and focused state of mind.


You can even look up poetry to give you some inspiration if you need it.


In closing -

Make it rhyme.

Make sure that it goes along with the objective of the spell.


Practice it. Put emotion into it. Make it your own.

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