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Energy Manipulation for Beginners

Energy manipulation, once you learn how to use it, can be used for so many things! Telepathy, astral travel, implanting energy, remote viewing and so much more.

Below are some very simple energy manipulation techniques.


Sit comfortably...relax
Breathe deeply but not forcefully
Put your hands together...rub them together if you like...and place them apart about three inches
They don't have to be at your heart, just not touching anything but air.
Look at your hands, or close your eyes.
Imagine a light...it can be any color...flowing from yourself with the center or brightest part of the energy steming from your heart
flowing up to your shoulders, down your arms
into your hands...
See that energy create a ball of energy between your hands.

You should feel a slight pull and push from the middle...like magnets. This is your energy.

Push it a little, stretch it out. Imagine it getting bigger.

Keep the energy contained within your control. 
Doing this kind of thing takes a lot of control. Otherwise it will be erratic and not as effective.

EXERCISE 2: Blood in your hands 
Simply to place your hands in front of you, take a quick mental note of how they feel and then put all your focus and senses into your right hand, imagine all the blood in your body going into your right hand, the blood circulation there increasing greatly.

If you find it difficult, you can take a few big heaving breaths first. Do this for 30 seconds and then see if you can feel any difference between your right hand and your left hand.

If you're successful, you should feel for example more warmth, maybe some tingling or other sensations present in your right hand that are missing in the left hand.

Then do this to your left hand instead for 30 seconds, and view the results again.

Repeat as many times as you desire, this is a good way to practice directing energy. As you progress, you'll find it gets easier and faster to achieve the results. Once you want to move on, it's time to move on to the next part.

Now you are able to increase the blood flow in your hands. You can also try decreasing it by doing the opposite. When the blood circulation is low it is colder and less vibrant, so you can try to visualize that your blood is moving very slowly in your hand, almost stopping entirely and that it's getting cold, and see what happens. This is not very healthy so I wouldn't recommend doing it too much. This can be used not only in your hands, of course. You can direct energy in this way to any part of your body. That part will then function better, heal faster if it's injured, and be more resistant to diseases (we will get to these parts later on). The effect is, however, temporary and will fade in a while after you turn your focus away. If you want to have a more lasting effect, you can for example keep a portion of your consciousness working on that while doing other things with the rest. And then you can of course also just do the energy manipulation on a regular basis, like for example every evening before you go to bed.

EXERCISE 3: Wandering the body
Now you're going to practice your senses. What I want you to do is to travel with your consciousness through your body, stopping for a while in each part. You can start with for example your feet and work your way upwards. For each part, try not to affect it but just sense the body part, experience it. You need to feel quite comfortable with this in order to be ready to move on, so keep on practicing until it feels natural. It might be easiest to lie on your back when you do this exercise, but if you prefer some other position then go for it.

The body is quite complex, but also quite simple at the same time. Traditional Chinese medicine has a good model of how the body works, so if you're interested in learning more about how the body functions there's a lot of knowledge to be found there. In this course we're just going to go through the theory that we need for the exercises. Different parts of the body have a bit different needs, so if you're trying to increase the health of for example your lungs, you need to go about it differently than if you're working on your heart or want to increase the strength in your legs.

EXERCISE 4: Energizing the body
This exercise is similar to the earlier exercise. You travel with your consciousness through the body, one part at a time. Again, you're going to at first just sense the body part. But this time, after you've done that for a little while, you're going to increase the energy flow in it. Now, you shouldn't rush the blood flow like crazy the way you did with your hands in exercise 1. That was an exercise to practice directing energy in general, but now you're going to be more nuanced and pay attention to how the body part is reacting to what you're doing to it. So, increase the energy flow but only with a reasonable amount, try to find out what kind of energy is good for that specific body part by paying attention to what happens with it. If it starts feeling uncomfortable it means that what you're doing isn't all that great so then you need to try something else. If you for example start feeling dizzy, you need to make the energy more gross and a bit slower, like a general sense of well-being. Practice on your hands if you feel that it's difficult to be as nuanced as I have described, by increasing the flow, decreasing it, making it thinner, thicker (grosser), warmer, colder, and so on. Feel free to experiment.

Now you have a good general understanding of your body, now it's time to get to the juicy stuff! There are really so many possibilities of what you can do with this, and I really recommend that you experiment on your own with the things that you want to do, so I'm just going to cover a few applications here to get your imagination going.
Energy in the body flows through channels, and pain occurs when the energy flow is obstructed for some reason but the energy itself keeps on pushing. One of these reasons are physical injuries. In order to heal the injury faster, what you need to do is to aid with your consciousness the natural flow of energy in that place. If you rush the flow too much before the obstruction is penetrated it will just get worse so this takes some delicate maneuvering. If you widen the channels a bit in the direction that the energy is trying to pass, you should feel some relief as the energy isn't as obstructed as before. It can take some time to get noticeable results, so be prepared to sit for an hour or two when you do this. Once again, experiment, pay attention to what happens when you do something to it and adjust your actions accordingly. It is hard to give general directions except that what needs to be done is for the obstruction to be cleared and the energy flow through it restored.
Obviously the best way to get stronger muscles is to exercise them, but it also matters a lot where your focus is. If you have your consciousness right in your muscles when you do the exercise, you're going to be a lot stronger than if you're for
example thinking about what you're going to eat later on. Focus your attention on the task at hand and nothing else, that is the way to make the most of your muscles. And use your lungs well to get renewed energy. If you have worked out hard and want to make the resting more efficient, create a powerful energy flow through your muscles and they will recover more quickly.
This part is really a very broad subject, but there is some general advice that I can give. The lungs and the liver play a big part in keeping you healthy, so breathing exercises can be good, as well as physical exercise to a degree. What you're looking for is a flow of energy in your body that is fast enough to be strong and resilient, but slow enough to feel comfortable for you. Qi gong is very good for maintaining health in this way. Again, read up on traditional Chinese medicine if you're interested in the details.
If you want to make a part your body especially resistant to physical damage, you can project a very hard surface to the skin. Note that this can be quite draining for you. What we want here is not a good energy flow, it's a hard energy shield. This is a bit too external to really be a part of this course, so I'll just leave it at that.