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Love Spells in Zodiac Moon Phases

Moon in Aries

When the moon is in Aries, one must be very careful about how much magickal heat a practitioner creates within his/her spellwork as this moon is volatile. Itfs a love/hate kind of moon. Because the Aries moon is about taking initiative in love, for yourself, or to promote someone else making the first move, it is very easy to confuse energies causing quarreling rather than kissing. Therefore, any love magick done during this phase of the moon, is suggested to be glighth and not excessive.

The Aries Moon is also the perfect moon for an impatient magician as this moon brings quick results.

Waning: banish impatience and/or anger

Moon in Taurus

Also known as the Xanadu moon. The best spellwork done during this time is anything correlating to sensuality and security. itfs the one moon where love and money mix.

Waning: banishment of codependency and jealousy

Moon in Gemini

Also known as the Love Talk moon. A great moon for focusing on communication and flirtation. Also the best time to perform magick where triangle situations are involved.

Waning: writing gdear jonh letters, and figuring out how to deliver the news of a break-up

Moon in Cancer

Also known as the Bathing Beauty moon. The best spellwork done during this time involves protecting the home, family and children.

Waning: Banishing moodiness

Moon in Leo

The best spellwork done during this time involves love of self, sexual prowess, and creativity lovemaking.

Waning: banishment of ego, false pride and shame

Moon in Virgo

Also known as the Technicalities moon. The best spellwork performed during this time involves sexual health, emotional health, and discrimination in choosing a partners.

Waning: getting rid of bad habits, ridding onefs life of baggage involving relationships

Moon in Libra

Also known as the Love and the Law moon.

The best spellwork done during this time involves focusing on partnerships and soul mates.

Waning: justice, stealing a lover from someone else.

Moon in Scorpio

During this time of the moon, your love spellwork should be focused on sex and lust.

Waning: revenge, sexual healing, getting rid of negative sexual behaviors

Moon in Sagittarius

The best love spellwork done during this time involves meeting someone new, second honeymoons, or romantic vacations.

Waning: banishing a wandering eye

Moon in Capricorn

Love spells focusing on the long haul and giving longevity to a relationship.

Waning: getting rid of chronic problems in a relationship, dumping obsessive behaviors, getting rid of stalkers

Moon in Aquarius

Love spells that should be done during this time should focus on freedom, idealism, friendship, love, and healing.

Waning: creating emotional detachment

Moon in Pisces

Also known as the Glamour moon. The best spellwork done during this time should focus on glamour.

Waning: getting rid of deception and illusion in relationships

The moon changes signs about every one and a half to two days. Do not let this list deter you from performing spellwork that is considered to be necessary or an emergency. It is merely a guideline that will add enhancement to that particular type of spellwork done during that time of the moon.


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