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Frequently Asked Questions

 SE has gone green! We will no longer be sending print outs of information in our packages. Now, all of the information you'll need to bond with your newly adopted entities and magickals can be found right here on SE! See the link to "Charm School" above? There you will find tons of articles on various topics to aid you as a magickal person on your journey.


Please be sure that your shipping address is correct on your paypal and/or

webstore account.

Having the correct address makes the shipping process easier and more accurate.


Please do not send us emails using a verification service. We will not answer them.




When I order a spell, how do I tell you what I want? After you have placed your order, simply email us at [email protected] with your name, date of birth, photo if you have one, and details of your request.

We also offer free consultations for all situations prior to placing your order and we do suggest that you take advantage of that service.


How long does it take for a spell to work?  Many experience results the day the spell is cast. Some do not feel anything for several days, or weeks, then suddenly realize the spell's have taken effect. Spell casting is an art, not a science, and is therefore somewhat unpredictable. Once a spell has been cast, its energies are in effect until it comes full circle. Spells can be in effect for years!

However, for peace of mind purposes we do offer 1 free recast in 6 weeks of the initial casting. 

Remember, the more impatient you are, the less likely you are to see results. Good magick takes time and it cannot be rushed. 


How can a spell be cast over long distance for a person whom you have never met? In the spirit world, time or place has no significance. To a skilled spell caster, someone who is intimate with the spiritual world, it doesn't matter if you are in the same room or across the ocean. It is the power and experience of the spell caster that is important.


Is there anything I can do to aid the progress of the spells cast for me? In addition to requesting a spell, we also suggest to our clients that they not solely rely on the spells. Spells work best as a supplement to proactive behavior. You should focus your thoughts and energy on achieving your goals not on the spellwork itself. Just know that the spell is working on your behalf. You should try VERY hard not to be impatient. 


Will you let me know when my spell will be cast?  Yes we will. After your order has been processed, we will contact you via email to let you know when your spell will be cast.

We provide updates ONLY if they are necessary. If your spell went well, there is really no need to contact you to say that. If we felt a blockage or obstacle or decided that additional or different work is needed, then we will contact you with our findings. If you want an update on how your casting went, just email and let us know.

The best practice is to order your spell, wait for scheduling and let it go. The less you stress about the spellwork, the quicker and more profound the results. Putting too much focus on something actually sends energy and if you're focus is negative, it can change the energy of your situation as well as the energy we've put in place for you.


Will you cast a spell that will physically harm someone?  No we will not.


If the spell is on behalf of someone or involves someone other than myself, how much information do you have to know about them?  Obviously, the more information we know about them, the more effective the spell. However, knowing their name and that they are in your thoughts are effective as well.


Can I change my mind about a spell after it has been ordered? Once your casting is on the schedule, you cannot change your mind.


Do you guarantee your spells? We do not guarantee that you will get what you want from your castings. We guarantee that we do the work, to the very best of our ability. We cannot control the universe nor can we perform miracles.


Will Magick work for me? For most people, it does. However, if you are a generally impatient, needy individual, spellwork is probably not the best choice for you as most spellwork takes time. 


Why did you deny my case? We do not take every case. In fact, we only accept about 10% of all the clients that come to us with issues. Some situations are impossible. We do not take cases where there is a question of violence, police intervention or criminal cases pending.

We reserve the right to decline and/or terminate services for any reason at any time.


Will your spells make me rich and famous? Obviously if spells could make us all rich and famous overnight, the Sisters of Spirited Enterprise would not be here. Our financial castings open doors to opportunity, abundance, and creativity. They are effective, and they do work, but if you think they will come full circle as the result of no work on your part, you are wrong. They can increase your odds in games of chance, inspire creative wealth ideas, aid in career advancement, etc. We do not suggest ordering spells for winning lotteries as the amount of energy interference involved in lotteries is immense.


When I purchase a spirit or entity, do I have to wear the vessel? Yes, you do. Especially for beginners I always suggest wearing the vessel as much as possible. Part of what makes the bonding process work between entity and human is an actual physical connection...Let me explain it like this. You know how you see pictures of "genies" coming from their lamp. The upper portion of their body is fully formed, yet the bottom half dissipates into smoke? These depictions are actually a representation of how the "Old Schoolers" explained Bindings to novices, apprentices, students etc etc. Entities that are Bound to their vessel are not able to fully leave the vessel when they are in our realm.Even when we send them out on tasks, wishes, missions, whatever you want to refer to them as, there is still that vessel connection no matter how far they go.You could almost think of it as either a trail of bread crumbs or a line of thread that will pull them back when its time.As it is with human relationships, having a physical bond with our companions, entity or otherwise, helps us grow and strengthen. The more we are touched (not necessarily in a sexual way either:), the more we feel loved, needed, wanted, etc.The more you wear a vessel, the more physical contact there is. The more physical contact, the faster and deeper the bond:)Simply carrying the vessel in the beginning is not always a great idea. Unless you find a way to carry it so that there is some kind of contact with your skin. When this is done, the longer it takes for the bond to develop. And more often times than not, never wearing the vessel will cause an entity to become very bored. They may go dormant, or they may stop communicating, etc etc. There are a whole lot of things that can happen.


Payments We accept payments through paypal, credit card and money orders sent via USPS mail.
Shipping Although we try to get all orders shipped as soon as possible, you have to remember that in addition to spiritedenterprise.com, we also take orders via email, over the phone, and in person. Due to the extremely large amount of orders we receive, processing and packaging may take up to one week after we receive your order. From there, its up to the post office to get your package to you.
Please do not email asking where your package is after only a week. Its not necessary to be concerned unless 3 weeks or more have passed.
International shipping is at your own risk! We package securely. We label correctly. We ship in a timely manor and that is all we can do. Once your international package leaves our hands, it is beyond our control. We do not guarantee international packages. International shipping can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on how customs handles your package.
If you live outside of the US, please do not order oils of any kind. They are a restricted item with the usps and cannot legally be shipped outside of the country.
Correspondence between you and SE Though I know its really hard to wait, it sometimes takes us a week to get through one day's worth of emails. SE has thousands of clients from all over the world and each one of them is as important as the next. We never avoid emails. We answer them in the order they were received.
PLEASE do not send the same emails over and over again or keep asking when we will answer. We will get to your email as soon as possible.
In addition, we reserve the right to refuse service and/or sales to anyone who floods our email in-box unnecessarily. If we find that you are sending emails asking the same thing over and over again or are impatient in waiting for a reply, we will deny you as a client. It's tedious and there is no reason for it.
We am not dream experts. Please do not email asking for dream interpretations. There are dictionaries for that.
We do not do birth charts. Please do not email asking for one.
I (MM) am not a life coach. I cannot advise you on every aspect of your life. I have no problems doing follow ups on spellwork but please be mindful of my time. There are some decisions that just have to be made on your own. 
Though it is possible that we will try to catch up on emails over the weekends and during evening hours, do not automatically expect a response. Weekends are reserved for family. We have lives outside of SE and we are entitled to time off like everyone else. SE is not a 24/7 help line. Our customer service hours are from 7AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.
If you're sending photos of items that you've received from another seller/dealer asking for my opinion - those evaluations are done only when I have the time to do them which is rare.
As a reminder, Charm School and MM's corner contain a lot of information. Please go through the articles before you email me with questions I've already answered elsewhere.
If you feel that your situation is an emergency then please put "Emergency" in your subject line. Do not use words like "Urgent" as this term is usually associated with spam mail and is filtered by our email provider.
Emergencies consist of: Unruly entities or spirits, possessions, etc.  Anything else is NOT an emergency. Those emails will be answered in the order that they are received. 


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