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Making A Mojo Bag

Mojo bags, also called magickal sachets or gris gris bags, are actually fairly simple to create. You can wear them, carry them, or place them in a special place within your car or home to promote their magickal properties.


EARTH- 1 part each of- Horehound, Mugwort and Patchouli
AIR- 1 part each of- Anise seed, Lavender and peppermint
FIRE- 1 part of each of- Cedar, Cinnamon and clove
WATER- 1 part each of- Catnip, Chamomile and Passion Flower

GENERAL SACHETS WITCH FINDER SACHET...1 part Rue, 1 part Broomstraw, 1 part Agrimony, 1 part Ground Ivy- Tie up in a purple cloth and wear to know other witches.

HOME PROTECTION SACHET... 3 parts rosemary, 3 parts Basil, 2 parts Fennel Seed, 2 parts Dill Seed, 1 part Bay, 1 part Fern and 1 pinch of Salt. -Tie in a red cloth and put in highest place in the house to protect the home.

PERSONAL PROTECTION... 1 part Bay leaves, 1 part Cinnamon, 1 part Lemon Peel, 3 drops myrrh oil and a pinch of Salt. -Tie up in a little bag of white or red cloth and carry on your person when you feel you need to.

ANTI-THEFT SACHET... Caraway, Rosemary, Juniper, Elder (or Mistletoe). Place equal amounts of the herbs into a white cloth and tie it with a piece of white yarn. Hang it up in your home and visualize it keeping thieves away.

CAR PROTECTION... 2 parts Juniper, 2 parts Rosemary, 1 part Caraway, 1 part Comfrey, 1 part Mugwort plus 1 small clear Quartz. Use white cloth for bag.

GAMES OF CHANCE... 3 parts Patchouli, 2 parts Nutmeg, 1 part Cinquefoli, 1 part Cloves, 1 part Jasmine plus 1 small Lodestone. Use green cloth for bag.

HEALING... 2 parts Cinnamon, 2 parts Sandalwood, 1 part Cayenne, 1 part Ginger, 1 part Rose Petals and 1 part Rue. Use blue cloth for bag.

HOUSE SEELING... 1 part each of- Blessed thistle, Cascara Sagrada, Cinnamon, Dandelion, Ginger, Job's Tears and Red clover.

LOVE...3 parts Lavender, 2 parts Rose petals, and 1 part Orris Root. Plzce in a pink or red cloth bag.

MONEY... 3 parts patchouli, 2 parts Clove, 1 part Cinnamon and 1 part Oakmoss. Use a green bag.

PROTECTION #1... 3 parts Dill Seed, 2 parts Caraway seed, 1 part Flax seed and 1 pinch Salt. Use white cloth for bag.

PROTECTION #2... 2 parts Marjoram, 1 part Angelica, 1 part Clove and 1 part Dill. Use white cloth.

TRAVEL PROTECTION... 1 part each of Bladderwrack, Comfrey, Irish Moss and Mustard seed, tie up in white cloth.

WEALTH... 2 parts Cinnamon, 1 part Lemon Balm, 1 part Cinquefoil, 1 part Clove plus 1 whole Tonka bean and Vanila Bean. Tie up in green cloth.

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