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For The Love of Dirt

Posted by spiritedenterprise on April 11, 2013 at 10:55 AM

One of the fabulous things about dirt is that it works on its own without charging, blessings or cleansing!

The simple fact that it came from the earth gives it its energy. 

Dirt absorbs all of its energy from the earth itself as well as its surroundings.

Here you will find a list of the various types of graveyard dirt.


But did you know that other dirt can have beneficial properties too?

Banks - Aids in bringing in wealth in all aspects.

Lending Intitutions (other than banks) - Aids in repayment of loans and/or the return of borrowed belongings.

Investment Firms - Aids in investment returns and successful decision making of all kinds.

Churches - Aid's in divine protection, attracting spiritual guidance and bringing about moral behavior.

Police/Sheriff Stations - Great for protecting homes, solving cases involving your home, property or self.  WARNING - if you sprinkle this type of dirt around your home for protection, if you are involved or have been involved in any unsolved illegal activity, it can bring the police right to your door step.

Court House - Great for anything legal - justice, contracts, court cases, etc.

Schools /Colleges - Great for anything involving knowledge or education. 

Home of an enemy - There is no better way to stop your enemy in his/her tracks than using the dirt from their own home against them. WARNING - becareful with your spellwork here. Unless you want to harm everyone in the home, make sure you stipulate that no harm come to the other occupants.

Your own Home - To aid in protection of all who live within your home, sprinkle a bit of dirt (from as close to the foundation as you can get) in each persons shoe. You can also use this dirt in ritual to aid in forming a solid foundation in the relationships within the household.

Health Care Facility - For use in endeavors involving healing and/or diagnosis. 

Gardens - Dirt from healthy, prosperous gardens can aid in love spells. Make sure that what you want is really love and not just a fling or you may find yourself with someone who will not leave you alone long after you're through with them.

Successful Businesses - Places like malls and big box retailers (walmart, target, etc) carry a lot of energy. Collecting dirt from as close to the foundation as you can get can aid in spellwork involving a personal business, wealth, long-term prosperity and employment.

Dont be afraid to mix dirts! I know that some new agers dont like this practice but mixing dirt has been a practice that has been used since long before any of us walked the earth.

You can create mojo bags, witches bottles, sprinkle the dirt along your baseboards, use it as an offering, etc.

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