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There are so many controversial articles on Djinn floating around on the internet these days. It is very important to know the true facts about this race before getting involved with something you do not understand or have experience with.

There are 6 major tribes of earthbound Djinn. They are, Jann, Jinn, Marid, Shaitan, Ifrit, and the Ghul.

Long before our time, the Djinn Lord had a vision of a scythe splitting a Djinn in half. He took this as a sign of the destruction of the Djinn race. In order to survive, he instructed the Djinn that they must either choose to live in peace with the mortals or go against them.

The elders of both the Jinn and the Jann decided to befriend the mortals. The Marids were proud beings and decided to give each Marid the option to do what they wished. However, the Shaitan, Ifrit and the Ghul were totally corrupted by demonic powers and decided to go against the mortals in which ever way they could.

Since that time however, the race of Djinn has evolved. Tribe has nothing to do with whether a Djinn is good or evil. Each tribe is made up of clans. Some clans are belivers and followers of religion and others are not.

They, like us, are creatures of free will. And just like us humans, when their day comes, they will have to answer for their actions.

Having a Djinn within your fold is nothing like the movies portray. This is not Hollywood people.
Contrary to what you may think, you will not wake up one morning to find yourself in a beautiful mansion or a new car in the garage.

However, you may find yourself with an overwhelming urge to pull into a casino, buy a scratch ticket, or even enter a contest. You could find yourself with new opportunities popping up by the dozens. Or perhaps you will receive a raise or a promotion.

If you think these things will come to you without you having to do your part, you are mistaken.

In order for a Djinn to manifest your desires, the circumstances have to be just right.
You will not find yourself with a large inheritance if no one in your family has passed.  You will not win the lottery if you do not play. You, more than likely, will not win on scratch tickets or games of chance every time you play.

When asking for gifts of a magick or psychic nature, please be aware that, yes, you may have to work at them before they come full circle. Other times, the gifts may come so fast that they will be overwhelming at first.

Remember the laws of Karma and the 3 Fold Rule.
Do not, no matter how much you really want to, wish accidents or ill will unto people that have pissed you off in life.
Think out your wishes and make sure that you are asking for something you really want.

Be sure, when considering the adoption of a Djinn, or any spirit for that matter, that you will keep that entity forever or at least make sure that they are passed on to someone who will treasure them for a lifetime.

It is all too common to find cast off spirits in our line of work. Collecting spirits is a passion, not a phase.

On communicating with your new companion...
Djinn will try to communicate with ther human companions in ways that will work for both parties. Dreams, Subliminal thought, intuition, signs, during meditation, etc. But do keep in mind that there are certain factors that can affect communication.
Your natural abilities, blockages, medications, stress, belief, energy in the household, etc.
Its very important that you work on your communication skills if you sense that there are problems.

Eventually, you will experience a physical manifestation of some sort. Not all Djinn manifest in our realm, but all are capable of it. Light hazes, balls or streaks of light, blurs or shimmers in the air, temperature changes, thickness in the air, shadows, knocks, whispers, footsteps, bells ringing, singing, the heating or cooling of their vessel, color changes in their vessel...these are all things that you may experience at one time or another.

Miracles, although possible, are unlikely. They should not be something that is automatically expected of your Djinn.

Once you decide to bring a Djinn or any entity into your life, do everything in your power to become educated. Read books, look up information online (be aware that not all of this information is reliable), talk to your spirits, try to take photos of them in low light (this may take some time but eventually, you will catch something).

Open yourself to a world you never knew existed. Trust me, your life will never be the same!



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