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Miha - Pegasus - Size 7

Meet Miha - said My-ha.

She is a 2430 year old Pegasus.

The average life expetancy of the Pegasi is 5000 years.

They are considered "babies" for only the first 10 years of their life.

They are extremely magickal creatures and are more of what we call, personal entities.

They can aid their keepers in the following ways: Strength, courage, removal of obstacles, self recognition, motivation, moving forward, career advancement, aquiring knowlege, scholarly advancement, balance, negating depression, self healing, advancement in the friendship & romance departments, aid in decision making, promoting positive energy exchange, bringing out inner beauty and personality, negating shyness, attracting like minded people, and so much more.

The Pegasi are often gifted to or adopted by people starting a new journey in life.

College, a new relationship, newly single, new jobs, new location, new business etc.

They help make adjustment easier and aid their keepers in making the right decisions.

They help you, help yourself.

Although they are very powerful beings, their manifestations are very light. Mostly contained within the vessel. The warming and cooling of the vessel itself, color changes within the stone, light vibrations of the vessel, etc.

They get along great with all types of entities and have a fondness of children. They also get along great with pets, especially equine.

Miha has an amazing personality. She seems to know you, inside and out from the moment one touches her vessel. She knows your fears, your wants, your goals and your needs. And she wants to help you acheive everything your heart desires.

She is vivacious, passionate about living life and truly a friend to the end. She is happy go lucky and always focusing on the brighter side of things.

Because the human language is not native to the pegasi, one will often notice (if they hear their entities within their mind) that their voices change. This is because they mimic voice.


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